A Book Can Take You Anywhere

books can take you anywhere

It’s no secret that reading can help you feel more connected and relieve loneliness. It can teleport you to different locations, enhancing your mental health and overall wellbeing. What’s more, you don’t need hours of daily reading time to reap the benefits. Just pick up a good book, and start reading! This way, you can escape from reality for as long as you want. Read anything and anywhere! It’s a win-win situation for you and your psyche!


A Book Can Take You Anywhere by Callie Sellers was inspired by her love of reading. As a young Scout, she was concerned about children in need who didn’t have access to books. As a result, she began a project to make a reading library for children in need. The project was a big success and a great way to spread the joy of reading to kids. Hopefully, you’ll be able to share in Callie’s vision for the Family Promise reading library!

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