Book Summary of No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story by Lucy Score

Book summary of No More Secrets A Small Town Love Story

Whether you’ve already read No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story, or you’re just curious about it, you’ll want to check out this book summary. Here, you’ll find a summary of the book, a review, and recommendations.


Besides the main characters, there are other characters that make the story work. These characters can meddle in the affairs of the main characters or help them along the way.

This small town romance is reminiscent of a Hallmark movie. The author does a great job of creating characters you want to be friends with, and creates a story that will leave you wanting more.

This story is set in upstate New York. Summer Lentz is a city girl who has a secret. However, her secret doesn’t affect the story too much. Thankfully, it is not one of those small town secrets that will keep them apart forever. Thankfully, they are able to grow closer with the help of the town.

A former football player is back in town. He has feelings for the girl who rejected him in high school. However, he is hesitant to risk his feelings. He is also the mayor of the town. So, he is not the most easygoing of guys. He is also a lawyer. However, he handles the small mayoral issues with grace.

There are other characters who are important to the story. This includes the main characters, but there are also secondary characters. This includes the protagonist’s brother, Beckett. He is a lawyer. He also has a secret. This is the best small town romance.

The book also includes some pretty witty dialogue. The book is a fun read. It also is easy to read. It is a small town romance, so it has some world-building. The characters are realistic. It also includes some ridiculous pranks. The best part is, there is an ebook version of this story available on Amazon Kindle. You can borrow the book from the Kindle Unlimited service for only $9.95 a month. You can read up to 20 books at a time. You can also get a free whisper sync with the audiobook version.

The book is the first in the Blue Moon Series. There are two other books in the series. The other books are also available on Kindle Unlimited. You can also find them on the Amazon Kindle Store.


Whether you are looking for a romance novel or a mystery, No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story is a good read. Lucy Score’s books create a delightful reading experience with witty dialogue and characters you will want to get to know.

No More Secrets is the first book in the Blue Moon Series. It is set in a small picturesque town in upstate New York. Throughout the book, there are secrets buried in the community. Some of them are innocent, but others point to something sinister.

It is about an investigative reporter, who falls in love with a criminal she is investigating. She must decide whether the feelings are worth the risk. It is also about an elderly man who inherits a rare jewel from the mafia.

In this small town, there are secrets and corrupt law enforcement. This is a common theme in small town thrillers. Some of the characters are nosy neighbors and some have secrets that might not be revealed. Those secrets can keep Carter and Summer apart.

There is a lot of romance in No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story. Summer Lentz is a New York journalist who has come to Blue Moon Bend to write an article about the farm. But there is a secret that has kept Summer from telling Carter about her feelings. It is a secret that could ruin their future together.

Aside from the romance, the book also touches on PTSD. A lot of men who return from the military suffer from PTSD. This virus is spread through American soil. This epidemic is considered to be deadly. But someone has discovered a cure for this virus. The government wants to keep this secret secret. The government also refuses to fund this cure.

In the middle of all this, there is a runaway bride who is homeless. Her life has not been easy. She has spent her life cleaning up other people’s mess. She is now caring for her 11-year-old niece. But when Naomi starts getting into trouble, she is helped by a surly man named Knox. But when Naomi starts to get into more trouble, Knox leaves.


During a week-long stint on an organic farm owned by a former soldier, big city journalist Summer Lentz is unwittingly drawn into the community of Blue Moon Bend, Texas. While the town has a fair number of brash characters, the locals are more than happy to help. It turns out the town is also helping a local farmer harvest crops.

The main reason for her visit is to write a piece about the Blue Moon Bend farm for a magazine. But Summer’s not exactly thrilled with her assignment. Her old school journalism credentials may be in question. After all, she was cut off from school funding when she switched to digital journalism.

The biggest drawback is that Summer isn’t exactly a fan of small town life. She hasn’t exactly had an active social life, and feels stifled by her lack of community. However, there is one person she can count on for help. Not only is he one of the nicest guys around, he’s also one of the most enigmatic.

Not only does he have one of the best names in town, but he also has one of the best ideas. He plans a romantic evening for Summer and Carter. He also has a plan to keep Summer on his good side.

The big question is whether or not the two of them will actually get along. Despite his best intentions, Summer seems to be a touch off-putting. This is especially the case when he learns that Summer has a secret of her own. It turns out that she’s been hiding a hunky secret for quite some time. So, the big question is whether or not she has the best chance of catching her guy.

The novel is certainly a good read. It’s long, but if you’re looking for a fun and lighthearted romantic tale, you should give it a try. The book’s biggest flaw is that it’s too much like a soap opera. Aside from that, I would definitely recommend it. It’s not only a fun read, it’s also an entertaining one. The book has one of the best plots I’ve read in a while.


Whether you are a romance reader or not, there are many different types of romance novels you can read. One type of romance novel is the small town romance, which is often reminiscent of Hallmark movies. They usually feature world building, relationships between characters, and a romantic theme. The characters can have other secondary characters, who are essential to the story. These characters can also meddle in the main characters’ affairs. The author does a great job of characterization in this series. You will be able to identify with these characters and feel like you know them.

The Small Town Secrets series is a six-book series, which features realistic characters, relationships, and satisfying love stories. It has several themes that are similar to Hallmark movies. These include the “wild child” trope, the “lifelong soulmate”, and the “single parent” trope. The series also features a “sorrentino” pizza and cookies from the Hazel’s Bakery. The series has several books that are a good fit for both romance fans and fans of contemporary fiction.

The series is also a great way to learn about the lives of men who have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). A large number of men come back from active duty and are affected by PTSD. In this series, Carter Pierce is returning to his hometown, and he wants to spend his days tending his family’s farm. He has a brother, Beckett, and a horse trainer, Joey. He also has a mother, Phoebe, who has recently married.

The series is also set in a beautiful, upstate New York town. The characters are very realistic, and the author does a great job of characterization. The novel is also easy to read. The author creates characters you will like and want to be friends with. The novel is a fun and entertaining read. The series is available in Kindle Unlimited for $9.95 a month. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should check it out. There are thousands of romance books available through Kindle Unlimited. You can also borrow up to 20 books at a time. You can also check out some romance novels for free with whispersync, which is a feature that allows you to borrow them through audiobook.

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