Book Summary of Verity by Colleen Hoover

Book summary of Verity

Colleen Hoover, one of the most popular authors of contemporary romance, has taken a different approach with Verity. Instead of going for the traditional romantic plot, Hoover has opted for a more atmospheric tone. The story revolves around a struggling writer named Lowen who is hired by a dying author to write an autobiography for her. In doing so, she discovers secrets that she never intended to share.

Unfinished brutally honest autobiography

When a young writer, Lowen Ashleigh, meets a badly injured writer, Verity Crawford, he agrees to read her manuscripts. While doing so, he stumbles upon Verity’s unfinished autobiography. As he reads, he begins to suspect Verity of being evil, but he also develops feelings for Verity, who is also suffering from a serious medical condition. The unfinished autobiography provides insight into Verity’s mind and life.

Although Colleen Hoover is known for her twist endings, Verity is no exception. This psychological suspense novel combines Hoover’s signature talent for romance with a new twist on the thriller genre. While this book is disturbing, it’s also an excellent guilty pleasure read.

The plot begins with a tragic accident and the subsequent aftermath of the aftermath. Verity is a psychotic liar who lies to herself, and the author manages to weave in levity and humor. The novel’s first two parts are riveting, as Lowen gets closer to Jeremy while reading about Verity’s life. The story also makes Lowen wonder how present Verity is in her life.

Verity Crawford’s autobiography is a disturbing read. She was a successful author, but she was involved in a car accident that rendered her unable to complete her series. In the meantime, her husband, Jeremy, hires Lowen to complete her unfinished autobiography. After reading Verity’s autobiography, Lowen learns about her horrifying life, including the unfathomable events that led to her injury.


Liar in Verity is a thriller set in the fictional town of Penzance, Maine. The novel follows the lives of several characters, including the book’s title character, Lowen. He is a sleepwalker who sleepwalked into Verity’s bed. Afterward, Lowen tries to sneak back into her room. Lowen tells Jeremy that he loves her but is afraid of being caught, so he tells her to “give it to Sherman.” During the episode, Lowen is lost in thought when she hears a loud scream. She rushes upstairs to see the bloodied Crew, who is bleeding profusely, and the knife on the floor.

Lowen is unsure if he should tell Jeremy about the manuscript, but when he finds out that Verity is moving, he screams at her. Lowen tells Jeremy to protect the baby from harm, but Verity says that she is faking it. Lowen tries to convince Jeremy that Verity is a liar, but Jeremy threatens to go to the police if she doesn’t stop lying.

Lowen is afraid she cannot live up to Verity’s writing style. She decides to destroy the letter, but she doesn’t want to reveal it to Jeremy. She’s not sure if Lowen is a manipulative liar or a good person. She also doesn’t know if the manuscript is true or not, because she only knows about it through Lowen’s second-person narrations.


The Distant book summary of Verity shows the reader the changing nature of characters. The protagonist, Jeremy Lowen, is not the same Verity that we’ve met in the past. He is far more complex than he seems, and this difference makes the novel so interesting. The plot is a roller coaster, but it’s well worth the ride.

Verity is a twisted tale about the nature of human nature. I really liked the twists and turns in the novel, but the ending lacked potential. However, this book is a compelling read for anyone who enjoys horror. It is not a paranormal book – its monsters are human. As such, it explores the uglier side of human nature.

The book is a psychological thriller written by Colleen Hoover. It follows the story of struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh, who is offered the chance to complete bestselling author Verity Crawford’s books. Verity has recently had a tragic accident that leaves her incapacitated. Lowen decides to move into Verity’s house and dig through her notes to finish the book. Once she’s inside, she discovers that Verity’s twin daughters had died months earlier.

The book follows Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling author, who moves into Verity Crawford’s house after the accident. She’s initially opposed to the idea of ghostwriting Verity Crawford’s novels, but after noticing the millions she’ll earn, Lowen relents and begins working for Verity’s publisher.

Attempt to kill child

Attempt to kill child in Verity is a disturbing novel about a woman’s distorted feelings about motherhood. It is an autobiographical novel and the main character, Verity Lowen, is not your average mom next door. She makes a lot of strange choices, including trying to kill her unborn child. She also has lots of sex scenes with Jeremy and even writes an extremely messed up confession. But the worst part of the novel is her repeated attempts to kill her children.

When Jeremy sees the manuscript, he gets into a rage and begins to attack Verity. When Verity doesn’t wake up, Jeremy demands to speak to the police. The frightened Verity scrambles back into bed. Jeremy insists that Verity is faking it, and Lowen tells him to do it. Jeremy then tries to kill Verity, forcing her to choke on her own vomit.

Despite being pregnant, Verity is a psychopath who wants to be with Jeremy. She was jealous of Jeremy’s attention even before she gave birth. She has a tendency to kill her children, and when she’s pregnant, she tries to drown one of them in a lake to protect Jeremy. Although she claims that it was an accident, Jeremy believes that she’s being unfair to Harper.

Verity’s letter may be a real manuscript, but she’s unreliable. She may have been trying to hide the truth and the letter could be her attempt to cover her tracks. The letter could be a silly writing exercise she was trying to cover her tracks.

Writing exercise

In a book summary, what do you want readers to know? What does Verity want them to know? How does Verity intend the reader to understand the plot and character development? Is she writing from her own point of view, or is she writing from the viewpoint of the villain?

Verity Crawford is a best-selling author who has recently been shattered by a car accident. She has been unable to care for herself for months. Lowen is contracted to finish the book series for Verity. She is recovering from the recent loss of her mother. Lowen begins to develop feelings for Jeremy, her new employer. They both have sons, but their relationship is complicated.

Verity has mature themes and depictions of violence and sexual content, so it’s not for the youngest reader. It contains graphic violence, child abuse, drug use, and explicit sexual content. If you’re writing a book summary, keep in mind that it’s a YA novel with mature themes.

To write a book summary, consider using the book’s plot structure. Assuming you’re working in a short summary, don’t forget to mention all the major plot points. Verity’s story is full of twists and turns.

Colleen Hoover

Verity is a dark, grey and twisted novel that is full of triggers, parental abuse, sexual abuse, gaslighting, psychological manipulation, cruelty and more. It also features several morally ambiguous characters and heavy sex scenes. Although YA in nature, it is a very dark book that should be read by mature readers only. Nevertheless, it is an intense read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lowen Ashleigh is a thirty-something novelist who has had limited success in her career and has spent the last year caring for her dying mother. Lowen meets Jeremy Crawford, a literary agent who sets up a meeting between the two. Jeremy’s wife, Verity Crawford, is a famous thriller novelist, who recently suffered severe injuries in a car crash.

Colleen Hoover’s book summary for Verity focuses on the character of Lowen Ashleigh. She is a struggling writer living in New York City, and she is not living the life she had envisioned. Eventually, she meets a man who changes everything. Throughout the story, Lowen must struggle to put her life back together after dealing with Lowen’s past.

Verity is an autobiography, so this may be a true story. However, this does not mean it is an authentic account. The author writes from experience, and she could have had dark thoughts that fueled the story, but she may not have actually experienced them herself.

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