Book Summary of ‘Verity’ by Colleen Hoover

Book summary of Verity

Verity’s autobiography begins with the story of how she met Jeremy. She was wearing a sexy red dress and quickly moved in with him. She became infatuated with him, and her writing style reminded me of the movie Obsession. However, the story soon takes a turn for the worse.

Verity’s unfinished autobiography

‘Verity’ by Colleen Hoover is a gripping novel that blends elements of horror and romance. The story revolves around bestselling author Verity Crawford. After a car crash, Verity falls into a coma and her husband Jeremy hires struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh to finish her series of books. Lowen stays at the Crawford’s house to write the manuscript. While there, she discovers Verity’s unfinished autobiography.

When Lowen Ashleigh accepts a writing job from Verity Crawford’s husband Jeremy, he discovers that Verity left behind an unfinished autobiography. Lowen agrees to complete the series, despite her misgivings about the subject matter. When she reads the manuscript, she finds it disturbing. She begins to question whether it is her true intention to keep it secret from Jeremy.

While Verity’s unfinished autobiography is a dark read, the chemistry between Lowen and Jeremy develops throughout the novel. Lowen’s feelings for Jeremy are revealed early on, and there’s potential for romance. While the book is dark, this romance is intriguing and makes readers want to know more.

Verity’s autobiography contains dark secrets that will frighten readers. Though it does not have a lot of gore or blood, it is not rated R. As a result, it is still an intense psychological thriller. While Lowen feels a connection with Jeremy, he decides not to share the book with him.

Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, has been hired to finish Verity Crawford’s series. However, she is broke, and feels uncomfortable with the attention that comes with her job. When she discovers that the autobiography is unfinished, she falls in love with Verity’s husband and finds out that the truth may turn him into an unlovable person.

Lowen is astonished to find Jeremy Crawford in the publisher’s office, the husband of an accomplished author. When Lowen asks about the manuscript, he finds disturbing confessions from Verity. Lowen is reluctant to reveal this to Jeremy because it might end up destroying their relationship.

Her father

This book summarizes Verity’s relationship with her father. Jeremy is excited to be a father and Verity is dreading the process. Verity is the third most important thing in her father’s life and she doesn’t like being in this position. In the beginning, Verity tries to provoke a miscarriage using sleeping pills and wine. She also asks Jeremy if he loves her more than his children, and he responds with “I’m not sure.” Eventually, she decides to use a wire hanger to make a miscarriage.

This book is short, but packed with scandal. Readers will feel compelled to read on to find out what happens next. Despite the story’s slow build, the novel’s conclusion is thrilling. While some readers may feel the need to skim the ending, this book is well worth the effort.

Verity and Jeremy have two daughters, Chastin and Harper. Verity resents Jeremy for loving her daughters more than her. She also admits that she loves one daughter more than the other. At six months, Chastin dies of a peanut allergy while Harper is at a sleepover. She blames herself for killing her baby, and Jeremy tries to prevent her from telling the truth. She explains to him that the two girls have different needs. She even tells Jeremy that the two girls have a different daycare teacher, who thinks Harper has Asperger’s syndrome.

The relationship between Verity and her father becomes increasingly complicated. As the novel progresses, Jeremy becomes a very important figure in the lives of the two daughters. It’s important to note that Jeremy was once an aspiring real estate agent who had no knowledge of Verity’s fame. However, he quits his job when the woman becomes famous. In the end, he becomes the father of three children.

Jeremy’s obsession with his daughter’s miscarriage causes Verity to lie to him. She tells herself that a fake miscarriage is easy. Jeremy and Verity’s sex life are described in the next few chapters. During this time, Lowen has been working at Verity’s office for two weeks and mentions her 32nd birthday.

Her dream of killing Chastin

Verity had a dream when she was six months old that she would kill her baby sister, Harper. This dream has a few different interpretations, but it’s easy to see why the dream was triggered by Harper’s death. It may have been because Harper had a peanut allergy, but Verity firmly believes that Harper did it, and she wants to punish her.

When Jeremy and the girls come home from school, Verity is frantically trying to calm them. She wonders if the dream is a warning. Then she begins to choke Harper, only to be stopped by Jeremy. Jeremy, however, insists on the lock because he’s worried that Harper will try to kill her. Despite her doubts, Verity eventually agrees.

Verity is a notorious body shamer. Her laziness and her mother’s wrath led her to seek out ways to disfigure her body. She believed that a miscarriage would destroy her “perfect” body and give Jeremy something he’d love more. She tried increasingly vile methods to get rid of her children. Eventually she had twins.

Verity’s dream involves a tragic accident. Verity tips over a family canoe during a sleepover, killing Chastin in the process. Fortunately, she is able to save the lives of her other siblings, Crew and Harper. This dream is a warning for Verity and her family.

Jeremy and Lowen suspect that Verity is a psychopath and/or a sociopath. They discuss this with each other. The two men begin to question the legitimacy of their relationship. Lowen finds it impossible to trust Verity. Although they are lovers, Lowen is suspicious.

Verity has written an autobiography, and Lowen learns about it. It contains chilling admissions and the truth behind events that have happened. Verity’s autobiography would make it impossible for Jeremy to love her anymore, so Lowen decides to keep it a secret.

Lowen Ashleigh is a writer hired to write the last three novels in a popular series by Verity Crawford. Verity is unable to complete the series herself due to her medical issues, and Lowen has been assigned to finish her work. Lowen is invited to Verity’s family home to go over Verity’s notes. This leads Lowen to question Verity’s family history, and she gradually begins to suspect the truth.

Her attempt to kill Harper

In Verity’s attempt to kill Harper, the character makes changes to the events that occurred in Harper’s story. These changes involve changing the motivations of certain characters and the thoughts of others. In this case, Verity’s attempt to kill Harper is a response to a dream that she had about Harper at six months old.

Verity’s attempt to kill Harper is interrupted by Lowen, who wakes up in her bed. Jeremy, seeing Lowen in Verity’s bedroom, rushes to her side and offers to lock the door. Verity then nearly strangles Harper while accusing Jeremy of favoring Chastin and lying about Harper’s autism spectrum. While Lowen is attempting to save her, Lowen notices that Verity is watching her.

After catching Verity on the baby monitor, Lowen begins to run upstairs to confront Verity. Jeremy demands that Lowen leave the house or else he will call the police. The two go into Verity’s room, where she is lying in bed. Jeremy, however, refuses to read the manuscript and begins beating Verity to death. Jeremy threatens to contact the police if Verity doesn’t stop lying.

Jeremy tries to kill Verity, but Verity stops him. Lowen is overcome with sadness and convinces him that she didn’t mean to do this. He tells her that he’ll call the police if Verity tries to move. Lowen then tells Lowen about Verity’s scar on her hand.

After Verity’s attempt to kill Harper, Lowen finds a manuscript that Verity wrote to Jeremy. Lowen misinterprets this letter as an autobiography. In reality, the letter is Verity’s writing exercise that explores her violent impulses. After discovering this, Lowen becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Verity.

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