Book Summary of Verity by Colleen Hoover

Book summary of Verity

Having read the book, Verity, I found that I enjoyed the story. It had a great plot, lots of character development, and it dealt with the relationship between Jermey and Verity. However, there were some things that I didn’t like. For instance, the book didn’t address some important issues, such as the role of religion in society. Also, there were some scenes that didn’t seem to make sense. In addition, the book took a while to get going.


Originally written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, Verity is a tragic romantic thriller about a woman who is haunted by her mother’s death. During her grief, she becomes infatuated with a writer, Jeremy Crawford. Unfortunately, the writer, who is also a grieving father, has a secret that puts his life in danger.

After his wife’s death, Jeremy Crawford, a successful thriller writer, seeks help from a young woman who is struggling to make it as a writer. Verity’s husband hires her to finish his wife’s best-selling series. However, the writer becomes uncomfortable with Verity and suspects she played a role in the death of their daughters.

In a harrowing confession style narrative, Verity outlines the tragic events of her life. It’s impossible to put this novel down.

Lowen Ashleigh is a writer in her early thirties living in New York City. She is struggling to make ends meet after her mother’s death. She meets a handsome stranger named Jeremy Crawford. He changes her life. They begin an intimate relationship. They grow close to each other and bond over recent experiences with grief.

After their relationship grows stronger, Jeremy Crawford hires Lowen to complete the last three volumes in Verity’s best-selling series. Verity had been injured in a car accident and was left brain-dead.


Jeremy tasked Lowen with the duty of assisting him with the big job. Lowen had to come up with a list of suitable flings to match his insatiable appetite. Thankfully for him the following threesome have a taste for each other and a healthy ego to boot. After all, the aforementioned buffs owe a debt of gratitude to Jeremy. This particular pairing proves to be a kin to Ruby and Verity. Having spent the bulk of their harried lives slogging it out in the trenches, they find themselves in a tizzy at best and at worst. The one thing they have in common is a lust for a fling. The best part is that Jeremy is more than willing to have it all. The result is a high octane lovefest for the foreseeable future. Aside from the sex you can bet the hors d’oeuvres ain’t no mooching around. Fortunately for them both, Jeremy tees it up with a hefty bill. The most memorable part is the ensuing romance and the tidbits abound. One might wonder why Jeremy chose to take the road less traveled to begin with. Fortunately for them both, the road less traveled is paved with glitter.


Jeremy Crawford is the husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford. They are devoted to each other, and Jeremy hopes to ensure their son’s childhood is happy.

During a car accident, Verity Crawford is rendered brain dead. But she manages to write an autobiography of her life. Her manuscript contains confessions and shocking admissions. It describes Verity’s thoughts about her motherhood and sexual life. Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, finds the manuscript. She decides to keep the manuscript out of Jeremy’s sight.

Verity’s autobiography contains the truth about what happened to her. However, Lowen feels that Verity isn’t telling the whole story about her injuries. Lowen is also worried about Verity’s sex life. She is deeply jealous of Verity’s beauty and rebound after childbirth. She plans to sort through Verity’s home office to find out information for her novels.

Lowen Ashleigh finds Verity Crawford’s unfinished autobiography. She reads it and becomes fixated. She decides to keep the manuscript secret from Jeremy. She also begins to develop romantic feelings for Jeremy. However, she soon learns that there are a lot of ways she could benefit from Jeremy reading the manuscript.

The manuscript reveals Verity’s darkest secrets, and Lowen must decide whether she will keep them a secret or reveal them to Jeremy. If Jeremy discovers the manuscript, he will be devastated. But if Lowen exposes it, she could put her father and son in danger.

Car accident

Jeremy Crawford is the husband of Verity Crawford, a bestselling author. After a car crash, Verity is injured and unable to continue on her own. She is cared for by Jeremy and his son Crew. They develop a close relationship that is both sexual and emotional.

The novel begins in a mysterious house. Verity is catatonic and unresponsive. The house has full length glass windows. The characters are intriguing and infuriating.

The novel is well written and well plotted. It’s a good read for any fan of horror fiction. It will keep you up at night.

The manuscript is written in the form of an autobiography. It contains disturbing information about Verity’s daughters and parents. In addition, it contains a number of twists and turns. Jeremy will be devastated if he reads the autobiography.

Verity’s autobiography contains chilling admissions. She admits to loving one daughter more than the other. She also admits that she plans to run away with her daughter Crew. In addition, she says that she wrote the manuscript as a writing exercise.

Verity’s autobiography has the potential to free Jeremy from Lowen’s grasp. The book shows how manipulation can be a powerful tool. It can lead people to believe lies.


Jeremy is the husband of Verity Crawford, a famous author. Before he married Verity, Jeremy worked for a real estate firm in the basement. But once Verity became famous, he stopped working. In fact, he now stays home full time. And he’s still not ready to let Verity go.

Jeremy wants Verity to stay in the house for a while. But Verity doesn’t like the fact that she’s third in Jeremy’s life. She also hates that she has to be taken to a nursing facility more often.

When Jeremy tries to get her to read Lowen’s manuscript, Verity refuses. But she’s still willing to let Lowen have her sex. And they’ve had unprotected sex several times. Jeremy has a crush on Lowen. And Verity resents Jeremy for loving her daughters more than her.

Verity and Jeremy have been married for six months. But when Verity is pregnant, she isn’t ready. She tries to get her husband to commit to a miscarriage, but he refuses. She tells herself that pretending to be pregnant is easy. And she plans to leave the house for a week to make Jeremy welcome her back.

In a couple of weeks, Verity is pregnant. But she’s lying about her pregnancy. She wants to have sex before the doctor gives her the okay. She also plans to use sleeping pills to provoke a miscarriage.

Lying to Jermey

Jeremy meets a woman named Verity who works as an office cleaner. Verity and Jeremy are in love with each other. They fall in love quickly. Verity loves Jeremy, but not as much as her daughters. Verity tries to spice up their relationship.

Verity hates being the third most important thing in Jeremy’s life. She dreads pregnancy and doesn’t like being a third wheel. Verity has a full-time nanny. Verity has a distorted view of love.

Verity is a demented character. She tries to provoke a miscarriage with sleeping pills and wine. Verity doesn’t have a lot of love for babies. She has a dream that her daughters are going to be killed. The dream reminds her of her mother’s intubation.

Verity has two daughters, Harper and Chastin. Verity tries to protect Chastin more than Harper. Verity’s father is a religious man. Verity has always believed that Chastin is the better of the two. However, Jeremy feels it is unfair that Verity loves Harper more than Chastin.

Verity tries to manipulate Jeremy into liking her more. She has a lot of sex scenes with Jeremy. Verity is jealous that Jeremy loves her daughters more than her. Verity feels like Jeremy isn’t a real father and will never love Chastin the way he does.


Throughout the conclusion of Verity, we watch Lowen and Jeremy grow a close bond. Initially, we see Lowen struggling to find his place in the world as a writer. However, he has been able to achieve some modest success.

Lowen is assigned a large project. He is asked to write the third and final books in Verity Crawford’s series. However, he isn’t sure he’ll be able to handle it. He is also unsure whether he should even talk to Jeremy about it.

After the death of Verity’s twin daughters, Lowen finds a manuscript that Verity has been working on. This manuscript contains Verity’s confessions and feelings about her “chronic” life. It also contains terrifying admissions about the Crawford family. It’s unclear whether Verity’s autobiography is real.

Lowen decides to read the last chapter of Verity’s manuscript. The letter explains that Verity wrote the manuscript as a writing exercise. However, the manuscript paints Verity as a bad person. He thinks that Verity fabricated a story to keep from facing reality.

The manuscript also paints Verity as a psychotic liar. It also implies that Verity deliberately capsized a canoe to make it appear that she drowned.

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