Book Summary of Verity by Colleen Hoover

Book summary of Verity

Getting a summary of a book is important, especially when it comes to learning more about a particular book. There are a few different things that you need to consider, including the book’s plot, characters, and synopsis. The more information that you have about a book, the easier it will be to read it and to understand what it is all about.


‘Verity’ is a book written by Colleen Hoover, best known for her work in the contemporary romance genre. This novel is a psychological thriller. In it, the author uses a confession style narrative to outline the tragic events of Verity’s life. It is difficult to put this novel down. It is a great read for fans of the horror genre.

The story begins when Verity Crawford is involved in a car accident. The accident leaves her in a vegetative state. However, she does not attempt to harm anyone, including her husband, Jeremy.

In an effort to finish Verity’s bestselling book series, Jeremy has hired the struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh to complete it. Upon reading the manuscript, Lowen is wildly attracted to Jeremy. However, he is in no mood to spend a lot of time with her.

Lowen is devastated by her mother’s death and is struggling financially. She hopes to find the material she needs to begin a new book. She also hopes to escape the confines of New York City. However, the offer of a million pound contract seems too good to be true.

The first chapter of Verity tells a great story. It introduces another character who plays a significant role in the novel. However, the character’s role in the book is a bit questionable. The book might have been better if Crew was not involved.

Verity Crawford’s autobiography gives readers a glimpse into her dark past. It is filled with sexually graphic content. It is also a great read for fans of the horror fiction genre.

Verity Crawford’s manuscript also contains a few other good surprises. It is an intriguing story and the story of her life is a great read.


Described as “a thrilling and dark romantic thriller”, Verity is the latest work by Colleen Hoover, the #1 New York Times bestselling author. The book centers on a young writer in New York City who discovers an unfinished autobiography by Verity Crawford. The manuscript contains disturbing details about Verity’s life.

In addition to a riveting plot, Verity is filled with erotic scenes. The book was independently published in 2018. The Special Edition also includes a bonus chapter that continues the storyline.

In Verity, a woman named Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer in New York City. She’s hired to write the last three novels in a bestselling book series. But despite her success, she’s struggling to make ends meet. She’s also deeply jealous of Verity’s beauty and sex life.

When Lowen discovers an autobiography by Verity, she begins to question Verity. She discovers that Verity is hiding a terrible secret. The manuscript includes details about Verity’s daughter’s death.

Lowen is attracted to Verity’s husband, Jeremy. They meet and develop an intense relationship. Despite Lowen’s concerns about Jeremy’s sexuality, she feels attracted to Jeremy. But Verity has a secret that could ruin her relationship with Jeremy.

Lowen discovers a letter addressed to Jeremy in Verity’s home. The letter explains that the manuscript was a writing exercise and was not meant to be serious. It also reveals that Verity wrote a sexual description of Jeremy.

The letter also explains that Verity wrote the manuscript to help her write from the villain’s point of view. She believed it was easier to blame a fictional villain than face reality. It was also a way for Verity to manipulate the story into fantasy.


Whether you are looking for a romantic thriller or just a good story, Verity has it all. If you are looking for a show that combines the romance with the racy narration, then you will love Verity.

Verity is the author of complex books. She is an extremely successful author. She has recently suffered from a medical condition. She has an unborn child that she has no idea about. She must find a family that she didn’t know she had.

Verity’s husband Lawford Craig is an extremely handsome man. Lawford and Verity are about to divorce. Lawford blames himself for allowing Verity to go on a cruise by herself.

Verity has a lot of trouble with her mother. She is not happy with her mother’s interference in her life. She is a tomboy. She is also happy to go on cruises.

Verity’s mother is a bit of a klutz. She leaves Johnny on a deck overlooking the sea. The ship has a large deck that stretches across the stage. The scene is a little bit overdone.

Verity is a little overdosed on sleeping pills. She decides to take some time off from love. She goes to the bar to read a book. She also decides to watch a movie. Eventually she decides to go for a walk.

Verity has an awe-inspiring storyline. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s a little over the top, but it’s also a lot of fun to read. Whether you’re looking for a romantic thriller or just chasing after a big mystery, Verity is a good choice.

The characters in Verity are complex. Verity’s husband Lawford Craig is not quite the romantic guy she thinks he is. Her mother isn’t as good at interacting with her daughter as she would like.


‘Verity’ by Colleen Hoover is the story of struggling author Lowen Ashleigh. She is offered the job of a lifetime to write the last book in the popular Verity Crawford series. But she is still recovering from the loss of her mother to cancer.

The first few chapters of ‘Verity’ are set on a busy New York City street corner. The book starts with the meeting of Verity and Jeremy. It’s a short and easy read. The story is a deviation from the typical contemporary romance.

Verity was infatuated with Jeremy. But she didn’t run away from the hospital when she knew he was after her. Instead, she faked being paralyzed for months without Jeremy knowing.

Verity had a vengeful streak. She had a mother’s intubation dream of Harper killing Chastin. She also wrote the opposite of what she felt. This was to see things from a different perspective.

Verity’s autobiography is filled with chilling admissions about her family. It also details her sexual life. It also tells of the unexpected events that changed the family.

The author wrote the autobiography as a writing exercise. She wanted to get into the villainous characters’ minds.

Verity’s writing is short and easy to read. Readers will probably notice the big third act twist within the first few chapters. They’ll also feel compelled to read on to discover the end of the story. Ultimately, “Verity” has a very bumpy road to the finish.

Although ‘Verity’ is a short, easy to read novel, it has plenty of action and scandal. It also deals with mature themes, child abuse, explicit sexual content, and graphic violence. This is a novel that’s impossible to put down.


‘Verity’ is a dark, dark novel by Colleen Hoover. It is a psychological thriller with heavy sex scenes, parental abuse, self-harm, and morally conflicted actions. It is a must read for fans of thrillers.

The novel starts off with a young woman named Lowen Ashleigh. She has just lost her mother to a car accident and is desperately trying to make a living as a writer. Then a handsome man appears at her publisher’s meeting. He offers her a job as a ghost writer for a bestselling author named Verity Crawford.

Lowen agrees to the job. But she is reluctant to leave her safe haven in New York City for a family home in Vermont. She is also on the verge of financial ruin after her mother’s death.

During her job as a ghost writer, Lowen Ashleigh uncovers disturbing facts about Verity Crawford’s autobiography. She also learns that Verity has lost her twin daughters in a car accident months ago. This leads to a series of questions that she struggles to answer.

Verity’s manuscript is a spine-tingling confession style narrative that details tragic events. The characters are all flawed. They are dealing with grief in different ways. And while the novel’s writing is different from conventional style, it is also very well written. It’s also impossible to predict the ending, making it more of a thriller.

Verity is a Publishers Weekly and Globe and Mail bestseller. It has a special edition that features a letter to the fans, as well as a bonus chapter continuing the storyline. This book is hard to put down.

It is a psychological thriller that will leave you in awe. It is fast-paced, unnerving, and filled with twists and turns.

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