Book Summary of Verity by Colleen Hoover

Book summary of Verity

Verity is a new novel by Colleen Hoover. It is an escapist read that will keep you turning pages. The plot is extremely engaging and the main character is compelling. If you’re a mystery fan, you’ll definitely enjoy the novel. The author has a unique writing style that makes the story seem believable. You’ll also enjoy the book’s setting and characters.

Colleen Hoover

If you are looking for an interesting book to read this year, Verity might be the book for you. The book’s main character is a writer named Lowen Ashleigh. She is about to be evicted and is meeting an agent. She is in a sexy red dress when she meets Jeremy and falls in love with him. However, after Jeremy moves in with her, the book starts to go downhill.

This book is not a typical romance, as it is dark and has some very graphic scenes of abuse. Colleen Hoover has written a compelling thriller with Verity that is perfect for those who like a psychological thriller and a good dose of suspense. If you enjoy dark books and a little romance, Verity may be right for you.

The book has a tragic ending that will make you want to read it again. The main character, Lowen, is a struggling writer who accepts a job offer that will change her life. Her dream client is the husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford. Lowen is hired to complete the series because Verity could not write any more. In exchange for her services, she gets an unfinished autobiography written by Verity.

Jeremy Lowen

Jeremy Lowen’s book summary of the book Verity reveals that it is a very weird book and the main character, Verity, is “really fucked up.” She was raised by weird religious parents and makes some really bizarre choices, including writing a messed up confession. In the book, Verity also describes a series of sex scenes with Jeremy, and repeatedly attempts to kill her children.

During the course of the novel, we learn that Lowen is not a very good writer. Initially, he was reluctant to take the offer, but Verity, an old friend, suggested that he try writing. The publisher believes that he is the best writer available, but Lowen is extremely private and loathes public appearances. As a result, he is effectively a ghost.

The plot of Verity is intense and the pace is fast, making it difficult to put the book down. Although the book starts with a bloody death, Lowen does not pull any punches in his story. Verity is a psychological thriller that will keep you up at night.

Verity Crawford

If you are looking for a fun, quick read that will keep you turning pages, then look no further than “Verity Crawford.” This thriller by Verity Crawford has a scandalous story, thrilling twists and turns, and a bumpy road to the end. Although it has a mature content, “Verity” will appeal to a wide audience.

After being injured in a car accident, bestselling author Verity Crawford is permanently paralyzed and her husband has hired a struggling writer to finish her series. While attempting to settle into life in Vermont, Lowen uncovers a manuscript that Verity wrote called “So Be It.” Lowen assumes it is her autobiography, but it turns out to be a writing exercise. It explores the destructive impulses of an artist and how they affect people. The book also details the first meeting between Verity and Jeremy, which was followed by a passionate, sexual relationship.

Lowen and Jeremy are now happily married and expecting a baby girl. They are about to make one last trip to Vermont before the baby arrives. While there, Lowen finds a letter addressed to Jeremy. The letter is written in such a way that Lowen begins to read it fearfully.

Colleen Hoover’s ghost writer-assistant

Colleen Hoover’s ghost writer assistant in Verity is Lowen, a struggling writer who is hired by a mysterious writer, Verity Crawford. Crawford has become bedridden, and cannot complete the last few books she has planned. Lowen finds herself immersed in a world of intrigue, mystery, and attraction. As she works on Verity’s books, she also discovers the secrets of the Crawford family.

Colleen Hoover’s books are incredibly popular, both online and in print. Her books have even spawned countless video-sharing sites where fans can post their reactions to her books. The hopeless romantics who post these videos are testament to the books’ popularity. Her books feature complex characters and captivating stories.

Harper Crawford

Harper Crawford’s book Verity has two major plotlines. One of them is about a woman named Lowen who is unable to move from her house. Another plot line is about the writer Jeremy Lowen who decides to take a job at the Jeremy’s home after Verity dies. This story will be interesting to anyone who loves mysteries and characters with complicated relationships.

Verity is a strange character. She has a religious background and is very odd. Lowen says that she has “really fucked up” characters. She is obsessed with Jeremy, and her writing reminds me of the movie Obsession. But once she meets Jeremy, the book takes a turn for the worse.

Lowen suspects that Verity had a hand in the deaths of her two daughters. She grows closer to Jeremy and begins to read about Verity’s life. She reads about her neglected twins during the day and sleepwalks into her bed, and then confides in him about her terrifying experience at age ten. Jeremy also locks the door of her room, and Lowen is terrified.

The murder of Harper Crawford

Verity has a dream about her childhood friend Harper, who is murdered by an unknown person. In that dream, she meets Harper in a dark alley. Verity is horrified and goes to the police, but when they find her body, she has already passed away. Verity is furious, but Lowen pretends to be unperturbed. She sees pictures of the girls, and Harper rarely smiles. Meanwhile, Chastin has a scar on her face. Verity suspects Harper is responsible, as she has dreamt about Harper when they were both only six months old.

Harper was allergic to lowen’s poison, which she ingested. She then tries to kill Harper by making her vomit. However, Jeremy stops her. After hearing this, Verity becomes pregnant with Crew, which leads to Jeremy stopping her from murdering him.

Verity’s autobiography

The first paragraph of Verity’s autobiography describes how she met Jeremy. She wore a sexy red dress, moved in with him, and fell in love. She was infatuated with him, and the writing reminded me of the movie Obsession. But, then, things go downhill.

Lowen has stayed in Verity’s house, studying the notes she took about her life. She rationalizes her need to read Verity’s autobiography, but she develops feelings for Jeremy. Meanwhile, she begins to fear Verity. It seems that Verity has a secret.

Verity Crawford’s life story is a compelling one, but the book also deals with her life in a different way. Lowen is an aspiring author who is contracted to finish a series of books by Verity. She is still struggling from the loss of her mother. Her shattered life has been tumultuous. When Lowen is hired to complete Verity’s autobiography, she finds that it contains some of her darkest secrets. She accepts the job, but she can’t deny her growing attraction to her former lover.


Verity Crawford is a popular author and is in trouble. She has recently lost her mother and has no way to support herself. When she receives an offer to work with Verity, she accepts. It is an unnerving experience for both of them. Lowen must work out a way to make ends meet while finishing Verity’s work. She finds herself in a compromising position when she discovers a disturbing discovery in Verity’s house.

In the months leading up to the release of the book, Lowen is grieving for the loss of her twin daughters. She tries to ignore the loss of her daughters, but it is impossible to ignore her feelings for Jeremy. She tries to make the situation seem like an accident, but Jeremy suspects that she is killing Harper with an intention.


“Verity” is a psychological thriller. It’s a stand-alone novel, and the main character is struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh. Her mother’s death has left her broke and in need of help. Her husband Jeremy Crawford is married to a famous writer, Verity Crawford, but she was involved in a tragic car accident and is unable to continue writing novels. After Lowen finds her dead mother’s unfinished manuscript, “So Be It,” she gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you’re a fan of Colleen Hoover, you’ll love this book. It’s a fast-paced thriller and borderline horror. Whether you’re new to reading fiction or you’re just sick of the same old books you’ve read before, Verity will keep you turning pages.

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