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Book Summary of Verity by Margaret Atwood

Book summary of Verity

Verity is a novel written by Margaret Atwood. It follows the life of Verity, a woman who is married to a man named Jeremy. They have a young daughter, and both love writing. Their relationship is complicated, but not overtly so. When Jeremy falls in love with a different woman, Verity struggles with her feelings.

Uncontrolled artistic genius

The eponymous name of a bestselling author is a bit of a mouthful, and the oh-so-prolifically named Lowen Ashleigh has a tumultuous past. It’s a good thing Lowen has a well-paid job or else she’d be in the doghouse. That said, it’s all business if she’s in the right frame of mind. Despite her penchant for procrastination, it seems she’s never really bitten the bullet. Aside from a slew of legal snags, Lowen has her work cut out for her – and that’s not counting the sex shenanigans. Thankfully, her sexiest mates are as tolerant of her as she is. This is all the more so because her aforementioned husband has a penchant for the petty crimes and the like.

Although she’s on the prowl, she can’t help but reminisce about her past, especially with the aforementioned husband’s name on her lips. She’s also got her hands on a hefty bonus check, which is a good reason to get out of her own way and let her creativity run wild.


Adultery is a terrible sin, but not unnatural. It is a crime that can destroy a marriage without reconciliation. This is what happened to Verity Crawford. She committed adultery with her husband.

The story follows Verity and her husband Jeremy, who have three young children. Their lives become even more complicated when their twin daughters die in a tragic accident. In the aftermath, Jeremy is devastated. He calls his friends to ask for help. Jeremy’s devoted to his wife. But when he learns that his wife is seeing someone else, he starts to question his marriage.

Jeremy has always loved Verity, but he finds that she does not love him. Jeremy is a grieving father who wants to make sure his children have a happy life. However, he cannot continue to love his wife. Having a divorce may not be an option, so he offers to take Verity back.

Before the couple met, Jeremy had worked at a real estate firm. As a child, he grew up on an alpaca farm in New York State. His parents have a religious streak. They are incredibly strict.

During their first week together, Jeremy realizes something is wrong. Verity is not the average mom next door. At one point, she pretends to be hurt in an accident. Later, she tells Jeremy that she is pregnant. During this time, Jeremy becomes obsessed with her.

The two begin to have sex. During this period, Jeremy discovers that Verity has written an autobiography. Lowen feels sick. And he wonders if Verity is a liar.

Jeremy realizes that Verity had a sex relationship with a woman. Jeremy thinks that her parents are crazy. Eventually, he decides to stop working. Now, he has to take care of his wife. While he works, he hopes that he can get her back.

Verity’s parents have a different opinion. They believe that Verity is a liar. Eventually, Verity admits that she killed her daughter Harper. Her mother and father have been reprimanded by their church. Eventually, Jeremy decides to take Verity to a nursing facility.

Faking a catatonic state

Verity Crawford is a famous thriller novelist who suffered from a serious car accident. Fortunately, she is still alive and has been in a catatonic state since the crash. Her husband, Jeremy, is a popular author and has been caring for her. They have a young son together.

After the crash, Verity’s publisher hired Lowen to finish the series. The two became close, and Jeremy began to feel something for her. He knew that something was up with Verity. Eventually, he began to see through her facade. However, he couldn’t help but worry.

It turns out that Verity had a very clever way of writing the manuscript. She took events from her own life and made them sinister. This made her writing much better.

In fact, it is so clever that Jeremy thought it was the real thing. He is also convinced that Verity is faking a catatonic state. Although he has been unable to prove it, he decides to take care of her in the hospital. Eventually, he becomes sexually involved with her.

During this time, he finds out that Verity is pregnant. When he tries to talk to her about the baby, she pretends not to hear him. Eventually, she goes to bed. Jeremy comes in and tries to comfort her. Eventually, he is forced to kill her.

Luckily, he has the support of his mother, Colleen. Moreover, he has found a letter written by Verity. In the letter, Verity describes how Jeremy drove her to a fake car accident. But Verity didn’t tell Jeremy that he was driving, so he didn’t know she was fake.

Eventually, he finds out that Verity’s manuscript, So Be It, was a bogus one. Moreover, it was written after the car crash. If you read the book, you’ll understand why.

Besides, the book was not the only impressive thing Verity had done. Another notable thing was her decision to get married. Unlike the other ladies in her life, she didn’t wait. Instead, she rushed to get married.

Unfortunately, she also messed up the endgame. Ultimately, she killed her twin daughters.

Verity’s relationship with Jeremy

Verity and Jeremy have a complicated relationship. They are passionate about each other, but the twin daughters of Lowen Ashleigh complicate matters.

Jeremy is a handsome and charismatic man. He grew up on an alpaca farm in New York State. Jeremy is now married to Verity Crawford, a bestselling author. Previously, he worked for a real estate firm in the basement. When Verity became famous, he stopped working.

As Verity gets busy with her book tour, Jeremy stays home full time. He also has a young son. But after reading Verity’s first novel, he falls in love with her.

They have sex in a Honda Civic. During the day, Verity tends to the twins. Often, Verity will leave the babies in their cribs and cry for Jeremy. Jeremy comforts her. However, she is afraid that the girls will steal his attention. She tries to manipulate Jeremy by pretending to be pregnant.

The twins are healthy. But, they are not smiling. One twin has a scratch on her cheek. This is possibly evidence that the twins were fighting inside the womb. A doctor said the scar will fade.

Verity’s father is abusive and her mother still works in a cult. She is not very affectionate towards her twin daughters. Luckily, she maintains good relationships with outside family members.

Jeremy believes he can save their marriage. But, he knows something is going on. Despite the love they have for each other, he thinks that there is something wrong with Verity. Jeremy threatens to call the police.

Eventually, Verity and Jeremy end up falling for each other. Sadly, the relationship is short-lived. In fact, they never leave Jeremy’s apartment for more than three days. Their sex is unprotected.

Although Verity is a popular author, she is unable to finish the series of books she was writing. Her husband Jeremy, however, is willing to help her get the books out. Fortunately, Jeremy offers her half a million dollars for three of her books.

Afterwards, Verity’s and Jeremy’s relationship becomes complicated. Lowen fears that Verity is a sociopath. Especially after she discovers that she wrote an autobiography about her and Jeremy.

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