Books Can Be Deceiving

books can be deceiving

Books can deceive readers. In this book, award-winning children’s author Beth McKinlay’s ex-boyfriend steals the idea for a new children’s book and sells it to a book editor. Then, the award-winning author is murdered on a private island off the coast of Connecticut. The killer has scrawled the word ‘liar’ across her forehead.

Deceitful books can be deceiving

Deceit and Denial is a book about the chemical and lead industries’ attempts to deceive American citizens. Authors Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner have pursued evidence with vigor and depth, interviewing key players and uncovering untapped sources to tell a startling story of disregard for human rights and health. The book’s startling revelations are based on the authors’ access to secret industry documents.

Deceit can be defined as any falsehood, omission, or misrepresentation intended to deceive. In law, it can be a basis for civil or criminal litigation. It may also involve deception, such as deceptive advertising. It is a vital element of psychological warfare, which focuses on deception and denial.

Road trips helped Lindsey feel at ease

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