Books Don’t Take You Anywhere – The Onion

books can take you anywhere

A recent study has found that young readers are susceptible to the Book-travel myth. The premise of this myth is that books can take you anywhere. But this myth is not supported by evidence. A recent Onion article titled ‘Books Don’t Take You Anywhere’ challenged this idea.

Book-travel myth

The Book-travel myth is an unfounded belief about booking a flight on Tuesday. In the past, some big airlines would offer a price drop on Tuesdays, and other airlines eventually followed suit. Now, though, it’s not necessary to book a flight on Tuesday to enjoy the lowest price.

The truth is that airfares don’t change dramatically, but prices can differ from one booking platform to the next. That’s why it’s important to check out various booking websites and meta-search engines. Another popular myth is that there is a “perfect day” to book a flight. While there is no such perfect day, there is no ideal time of day to book a flight.

Onion’s ‘Books Don’t Take You Anywhere’ article

The Onion is a satirical newspaper that has been publishing since 1988. In recent years, it has become a national force, bringing a unique perspective on news and current events to a wide audience. The website has expanded beyond its hometown of Madison to include offices in several cities across the U.S., including Chicago and Champaign-Urbana, Ill. In addition to the newspaper, the Onion has expanded its online presence and also started broadcasting a 60-second newscast called Onion Radio News. Their latest project is a satirical world atlas, which takes a humorous look at every country in the world. The Onion isn’t always right, and they sometimes miss the mark.

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