Books Similar to Harry Potter

books similar to harry potter

Whether you are looking for something to read with your children or want to explore new books, there are a lot of books similar to Harry Potter that you can read. Some of them include the Mistborn series, School for Good and Evil, Neverwhere, The Magicians trilogy, and more.

Mythos Academy series

Basically, Mythos Academy is a school for people who have special powers like Gypsy magic, Spartan martial arts, or psychic abilities. There are several books in the series. The first one is Touch of Frost.

Touch of Frost was released on July 26. The first book in the series introduces readers to Gwen Frost, the teenage girl who has been shipped off to Mythos Academy. The series is aimed at readers 14 years and older.

In Touch of Frost, Gwen has a special gift of psychometry, which allows her to know the history of any object she touches. However, her gift is not well understood. She learns that the people who go to Mythos Academy are descendants of ancient warriors and mythological creatures.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Those who are fans of the Harry Potter series are going to love Neverwhere. The book and the television series share similarities, but they are quite different.

Neverwhere is a fantasy novel written by Neil Gaiman. It is a clever take on Alice in Wonderland. The book follows the life of Richard Mayhew, who gets sucked into the magical world of “London Below.” He encounters a mysterious girl named Door, who helps him escape assassins and learns magic.

Neverwhere is a nice fantasy novel. It isn’t as long as the Harry Potter series, but it is worth reading.

School for Good and Evil series

Those who love Harry Potter will enjoy The School for Good and Evil. It’s an esoteric fantasy story that follows two girls. One is a twelve-year-old named Alice who has pure white hair and is determined to find her father. The other is a teen named Agatha who wants to keep her mother safe.

The School for Good and Evil is set in a magical school. The kids are sorted into one of two sides – good and evil – with competing classes. The good program is run by Professor Dovey.

Mistborn series

Those who are interested in reading similar fantasy books will find that the Mistborn series has many similarities to the Harry Potter series. The plot is similar and has similar characters. However, it has a slightly different tone. In the Mistborn series, the main character is a criminal who becomes a leader of a rebellion.

The Mistborn series is a high fantasy novel series by author Brandon Sanderson. It has over one million words and is a seven-book saga. It has a different tone than other fantasy series. The books are set in a world called Scadrial. It is a heist story that is filled with political intrigue. The book has been a New York Times bestseller.

The Magicians Trilogy

Those who are familiar with Harry Potter will likely notice some similarities in The Magicians. These two fantasy series are both about wizards who go to a secret school in New York. These schools are protected by powerful spells. However, both schools have their own weaknesses.

In The Magicians, the protagonist, Quentin Coldwater, is a moody teen who is an avid reader of fantasy series. When he stumbles upon a secret school for magicians in New York, he’s intrigued. But Quentin finds the learning process to be tedious. He struggles with love and relationships.

Pennyroyal Academy

Whether you’re a fan of Harry Potter or you’re just looking for a good fantasy book, the Pennyroyal Academy series has a lot to offer. Like the Harry Potter series, the Pennyroyal Academy books feature wizards, witches, and a kingdom full of magical mischief. But unlike the Harry Potter series, the Pennyroyal series also includes a lot of action.

Like Harry Potter, the Pennyroyal Academy series features a young girl named Evie. She’s a girl from the forest who’s enlisted at Pennyroyal Academy. But Evie soon discovers that there’s more to life than she thought. In addition to juggling her rigorous training regimen, Evie learns more about her family, her past, and the importance of friends.

Scarlett Miller’s story

Despite the similarities to Harry Potter, Scarlett Miller’s story is very different. Scarlett is the daughter of famous monster hunters. Her parents send her to Atlanta, where she is sent to live with her Aunt Pittypat. Scarlett works hard at her job, but she is unhappy most of the time. She is also frustrated by the restrictions she has to face after she is widowed.

Scarlett is a dog owner. She has two sick sisters. Her father promises to give her a house of her own. Scarlett doesn’t listen to him.

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