Books Similar to Harry Potter

books similar to harry potter

Harry Potter is one of the most popular books of all time. Many people have read it, and most of us have even seen the movie. If you are a fan of this book series, you can also enjoy some similar books. Here is an article that will go through some of them.

Red, White, and Gray London

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, you will be familiar with the three Londons – Red, White, and Gray – where magic plays a key role. However, this is no easy feat. These three worlds are governed by three ruthless twins, each with a unique bloodline and a unique power to boot.

Getting there is a grueling journey. But the gist of it all is that a magical book, a magic wand, and a magic genie will save the day. And when they do, everyone’s life will be changed.

There’s a reason why this one-of-a-kind book, a magic wand, a magic genie, and a wizard’s hat have become a trilogy. This one-of-a-kind book features a unique set of heroes and villains, including a witch, a vampire, a devil, and a nefarious magician.

The Magician’s Guild

If you like the Harry Potter series, you will like the Magician’s Guild. This novel follows the journey of Sonea, a young slum rat who discovers she has magical powers. She then has to be trained by the guild to use her power.

Sonea starts out as a slum girl with no control over her abilities. But she eventually learns how to manipulate magic. Her powers are very powerful, but they will overflow if she does not control them.

The Magician’s Guild takes place in a fictional city. Every year, a group of magicians purge the city of unwanted residents. It is not uncommon for common people to have magical potential. They are covered in sorcery.

Sonea’s story is a darker version of the typical fantasy genre. In fact, it is one of the best books similar to Harry Potter for adults.

Scholomance series

The Scholomance series by Naomi Novik is a fantasy series that has big emotions and grim humor. It’s about a school for magical children, and it’s all about surviving in a lethal environment.

In the book, students are hounded by a dangerous breed of magic-users called maleficaria. These creatures are predatory and can devour people before they can learn how to protect themselves. And they’re almost always able to consume a child with magical powers.

In order to survive, the protagonist, El, must learn how to protect herself. She works with a mysterious mentor named Orion Lake, and she’s able to form relationships with other students. But she keeps them to herself in order to stay safe.

Like Harry Potter, the Scholomance series is filled with mystery, but there are also other elements that make it stand out. For example, the aforementioned cut-purse and the’mire-molding’ (in this case, the’mimir’) are all part of the series’ lore.

Lockwood and Co. series

There are a number of books like Harry Potter on the market. They are popular among teen readers. If you are a fan of the series, you might want to consider checking out the Lockwood & Co. and the Scholomance series. Here are some of the books and their corresponding television shows:

One of the most famous book series of all time, Harry Potter, is also similar in some aspects to Lockwood and Co. The main characters are a teen girl and a boy.

In the Harry Potter series, the characters must fight ghosts in the dark. The books are filled with wish-fulfillment. These books are for fans of the series, but they might not be for everyone.

The scholomance books are also popular with teens. They are written by Naomi Novik and are a great choice for those looking for a series like Harry Potter.

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

Neil Gaiman is a famous writer and creator of comic books, including Sandman. He has also written books and movies. One of his novels is Neverwhere. The book is about a businessman, Richard Mayhew, who ends up in a magical world.

In the novel, he helps a mysterious girl named Door. As a result, he is thrust into a magical world, London Below. This magical world is full of monsters, saints, and murderers.

Neverwhere is similar to the Harry Potter series in many ways. It is a magical, fantasy story about a man who enters a parallel universe and meets magical creatures. But unlike Harry, this novel is not a big, expensive Hollywood production. Instead, it has a modest budget and uses amateur production methods.