Books Similar to Harry Potter

books similar to harry potter

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you might want to check out some books similar to the wizarding world. You can find similar stories in The Chronicles of Narnia series, Zodiac Academy, and His Dark Materials. In this series, a teenager named Alice discovers magic and learns that bad luck is not always bad.

Zodiac Academy

Zodiac Academy is a high school that’s full of characters with elemental powers. It’s also ruled by a cruel dictator, Lionel Acrux. While the story has its similarities to Harry Potter, it’s much darker and more mature. There’s a little romance mixed in with the action. It’s not a perfect match for younger readers, but it’s definitely worth reading for fans of the Harry Potter series.

His Dark Materials

If you enjoy the Harry Potter series, you may want to check out His Dark Materials. This fantasy series is written by Philip Pullman and features a magical world with magical creatures. The books are similar to Harry Potter in many ways, but the author’s writing style is far different from that of J.K. Rowling. The series is a fantasy adventure and is a perfect read for older readers. The first two books were turned into a BBC/HBO television series.

While Harry Potter may be aimed at younger readers, His Dark Materials is a far more complex, mature story. In addition to magical creatures and wizards, the series also deals with Christianity and organized religion. The character of the “Dark Lord” is more than just a wizard gone wrong. It is a supernatural being that embodies all the powers in the universe. The series also deals with issues of religion and growing up.

Shadow and Bone

If you’re looking for a new fantasy book to read, Shadow and Bone is one of the most popular series out there right now. This trilogy by Leigh Bardugo takes place in an alternate 1800s Tsarist Russia. The books follow Alina Starkov, an orphan who has special abilities. Her quest is to discover who she really is and what powers she has, and use those powers to save a darkened land. This is a fantastic fantasy series that has the potential to become one of your favorite books.

The first book in the series is titled City of Bones and is a New York Times bestseller. It’s a fantasy book that features a half-angel warrior who protects humanity from the evil forces of the world. While she’s a New Yorker, she is descended from a family of Shadow Hunters, a community of half-angel warriors who fight evil forces and protect mankind. When her mother disappears, she joins them to protect humanity. She’s passionate about protecting the human race from evil forces.

Scholomance series

Like Harry Potter, the Scholomance series books feature students who are drawn to magical abilities. They are often unable to find employment or get to school due to their enclave status, but some students manage to find a way to escape and use magic to survive. While there are several similarities between Harry Potter and the Scholomance series, there are a few key differences as well.

For older teenagers and adults seeking books similar to Harry Potter, the Scholomance series is a great choice. The series features a dark boarding school and magical elements. Books in the Scholomance series include The Last Graduate and Uprooted.

Young Wizards

This series of young-adult fantasy novels takes place in a magical boarding school. The first book, “Mildred”, follows the first-year witch Mildred, a black cat who is not the best at mixing potions and spells. Her crush is on an opera singer named Vechin. The series’ plot is similar to that of the Harry Potter books, but is on a slightly easier reading level.

Like Harry Potter, the Septimus Heap series features characters who are born to be wizards, but aren’t. It also twists the traditional children-studying-magic-at-school trope, by introducing a new character. Aside from Ged, the series features a caseworker named Linus Baker, who is sent to a secret orphanage and meets a boy who has magical abilities.


For readers who like fantasy novels with mature themes, Magyk books are an excellent option. The series features clever dialogue and a fresh take on a classic fantasy tale. In the first book, Kendra Sorenson is thirteen years old, and her grandfather is a caretaker of mystical creatures. She must step in to save her family and save the mystical creatures. There are five books in the series.

The second book in the series is called The Last Graduate. This book follows the adventures of Callum, a boy who has magical powers. The eponymous hero learns the secrets of a mysterious boarding school while learning about elemental powers. Along the way, he develops friendships with other students and a puppy.