Books Similar to Harry Potter

If you’re looking for books similar to Harry Potter, you’ve come to the right place! This article is a compilation of the best books similar to the bestselling fantasy series. In particular, we’ve listed books by Darren Shan, Shadow and Bone, The Hazel Wood, and Neverwhere.

Darren Shan series

The Darren Shan series of books is a fantasy series for young adults. The main character, Darren Shan, is half-vampire and works for a traveling freak show. The show is called Cirque du Freak, and it is owned by Desmond Tiny. While the series doesn’t address explicit queer themes, it does promote tolerance and celebration of diversity. Darren is particularly brave and strong, and he is able to sacrifice his life for his friends.

Shadow and Bone

If you like the Harry Potter series, you might like the Shadow and Bone books. They are YA fantasy novels about dark forces and hidden magic. The story starts in a Russian village, where the people fear the Frost. In this world, people are divided by their blood color. People with red blood are inferior, while those with silver blood are superior. The story is full of excitement and suspense, and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Another YA book that is similar to Harry Potter is Fablehaven. It has smart dialogue and a unique take on the traditional fantasy story. In this fantasy novel, 13-year-old Kendra Sorenson is the grandson of a man who cares for mystical creatures. She must take action to protect her family, which is threatened by a dark force. Fablehaven consists of five books.

The Hazel Wood

The Hazel Wood is a debut novel by Melissa Albert. It centers around 17-year-old Alice, whose mother has been missing for years. Ella, a famous author, marries and ends up missing her daughter. Alice and her “friend” Ellery team up to track down Ella, who is missing. The two travel to Ella’s grandmother’s estate to find her.

While the plot of The Hazel Wood is similar to that of Harry Potter, it is a very different book. While it starts with a very dark and frightening picture of life without her mother, it soon begins to hint at something darker – something rooted in the fairytale collection of Alice’s grandmother. The plot thickens as the two women search for their missing mother and discover more facts about themselves.


If you love the Harry Potter series, you’ll love Neverwhere, a novelization of the popular television show. The plot revolves around a young man named Richard Mayhew, who falls into a magical realm known as Neverwhere. There, he becomes invisible, and has to find his way out. The book is a compelling read, and has plenty of similarities to the Harry Potter series.

While there are many similarities between the Harry Potter series and Neverwhere, there are some differences. First, the author sets up the story with a witch and young girl, Gwendolen. In the original story, Gwendolen is a young witch who is excited to live with a powerful sorcerer named Chrestomanci. However, she soon becomes arrogant and obnoxious. In this novel, the author creates more dimensional characters and uses playful language to tell the story.

Patrick Rothfuss

If you’re looking for fantasy novels that are similar to Harry Potter, try reading Patrick Rothfuss’ books. His first novel, The Name of the Wind, was published in 2007. It won several awards, including a Quill Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy. He also founded a charity called Worldbuilders, raising over $2 million for Heifer International, which provides livestock, clean water, and education for people living in poverty.

Another fantasy novel by Rothfuss is Sabriel, which follows a young hero who travels to the land of the dead to find her father. Along the way, she must face powerful enemies and overcome dangers while learning more about her magical powers. Another book, The Name of the Wind, follows the adventures of Kvothe, a young adventurer. This book is the first in a series of books called the Kingkiller Chronicles.

Chris Colfer

If you’re looking for books similar to Harry Potter, look no further than Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories series. This five-book fantasy adventure series is written by a Golden Globe-winning actor. The story centers on two children, Alex and Connor, who have been thrust into a fantasy world, where they must collect different items to cast a wishing spell.

Like Harry Potter, this series takes place in a magical world that is full of magic, mystery, and compassion. Alex and Bailey find themselves transported into a fairytale world where all of the characters from traditional fairy tales make an appearance. The books are written by Chris Colfer, the author of the popular teen series Glee.