Books Similar to Harry Potter

books similar to harry potter

For fans of the Harry Potter series, there are many books that are similar to this series. Listed below are a few of them. Lyra is similar to Harry, in that she is unsure of herself and who she is. The characters in both series are very similar. The stories are both filled with magical characters and some of them even have magical elements.

The Crooked Sixpence

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly how The Crooked Sixpence is similar or dissimilar to Harry Potter, but it does have some similarities. Despite its similarities, the book is still very unique and is a good choice for fans of the popular wizarding series. It captures some of the magic and intrigue that made Harry Potter so popular, and it does not feel like a failed knockoff.

The first book of the trilogy is set in the secret underground city of Lundinor. In this world, there are rare people and goods that can cure and heal people. There are enchanted belts, yo-yos, and buttons with curative powers.

Saving Fable

Saving Fable is a fantasy novel that is similar to Harry Potter in several ways. Like Harry, protagonist Indira Story dreams of becoming a beloved book character. But instead of being chosen as the main hero, she earns a side character role. Meanwhile, the land of Fable is threatened by evil forces, and she must find out who is responsible. This epic tale of good versus evil will appeal to young readers who enjoy epic battles, fantasy novels, and animal stories.

The plot of Saving Fable is similar to the story of Harry Potter. Darling Dimple is a young girl with a strong will and gumption. She uses various disguises to solve mysteries in an enchanted castle. She wears dresses and lace slippers to keep her body hidden, and her goal is to defeat evil.

The Atlas Six

If you love Harry Potter, you might want to try The Atlas Six books. This series is set in a world similar to Harry Potter and follows the stories of six gifted mages who are chosen for a secret society. They have extraordinary gifts, ranging from physics to mind control. They come from varying backgrounds and have been chosen for a prestigious graduate program. After a two-year induction process, five of them will become full members of the society, which runs the wonderful Library of Alexandria.

The plot of The Atlas Six is melodramatic, but it does not feel like a traditional book about wizardry. While the characters are naughty and not very nice, they all have unique magical talents. Blake does a good job of creating complex characters and is stingy with exposition. However, the characters aren’t particularly likeable, and they often make stupid decisions.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson is a normal kid who comes to find out he is different, and the world is filled with magic. This series is a fun read for kids, and has a lot in common with the Harry Potter series. This is because the characters are both young and adventurous, and the stories are both based on Greek myths.

The Percy Jackson series is just as compelling, if not more, than the Harry Potter series. For one thing, both series feature a hero and his friends. In both series, a boy named Percy is tasked with saving the world from evil wizards. While the books take place in different places, the main themes remain the same: godly children who are being abused. While Hogwarts is supposed to be a safe place for young wizards and witches, it is full of professors with no noses and blatant child abuse.

Pennyroyal Academy

If you’ve read Harry Potter, you’ll be familiar with the world of Pennyroyal Academy, a fictional school where young girls train to become brave princesses and knights. The setting is similar to that of the Harry Potter books, with princesses and knights being trained in battle against witches and dragons. But Pennyroyal Academy is more than just a school. It is also the home of some pretty magical creatures.

The books in this series follow the lives of five children with supernatural abilities. They grew up in an isolated hideaway, but now they’re forced to enter the world. They’re also forced to face their criminal past.

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