Books Similar to It Ends With Us

books similar to it ends with us

It Ends with Us is a romantic novel written by Colleen Hoover and published by Atria Books in 2016. It is inspired by Hoover’s mother-father relationship, and it was one of the hardest books she has ever written. This is a book for those who enjoy reading about love, family, and friendship.

Reminders of Him

Reminders of Him is a heart-wrenching romance about a young woman who has recently been released from prison following a tragic accident. Kenna Rowan, the protagonist of the novel, has never experienced love and is determined to prove herself to her family and friends. She has to overcome the rejection she’s received and come to terms with forgiveness. The novel is told from the perspectives of both the male and female leads. This unique approach gives readers a fuller picture of the novel’s characters. It also includes letters written by Kenna to her long lost lover.

Reminders of Him is the latest novel from best-selling author Colleen Hoover. A mother and a writer, Colleen Hoover writes intense contemporary romance novels. She is known for her dark and gritty characters, and Reminders of Him is no exception. This book is raw and emotional, but is sure to please fans of Hoover.

Safe Haven

“Safe Haven” is a contemporary novel about a woman’s journey to rekindle her life after a traumatic event. It is set in a small town in North Carolina and follows Katie as she tries to find love and make a home for herself. It is an emotional rollercoaster as Katie is torn between putting down roots and trying to protect herself from the secrets of her past.

This book will make you cry, laugh, and feel emotional. Colleen Hoover has a great way of making you feel both happy and sad, and this book is no exception. It is a beautifully written novel that will make you fall in love with its main characters, but it will also rip your heart out. It is also powerful in its exploration of abuse, drug abuse, and self-harm.

One True Loves

One True Loves is an upcoming American romance film directed and produced by Andy Fickman. It is an adaptation of a book by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It follows a young woman’s journey to discover the love of her life. The film is a very heartwarming story about true love and the power of forgiveness.

Taylor Jenkins Reid has a unique ability to write from the heart, making her readers feel every single emotion. Her love stories range from high school to mature and are perfect for both male and female readers. This book will bring you a romantic experience that you will never forget. It is a medium-length read (352 pages), and is easy enough for even the most inexperienced readers to enjoy.

The story follows Lenore Bennett, a recently graduated high school student in Los Angeles. She has been feeling unhappy with her grades, and her parents are forcing her to pick a major. Her parents believe Black kids can’t afford the luxury of being themselves. Her parents also don’t like the fact that her boyfriends have chosen lighter-skinned girls. The family is on a cruise to the Mediterranean, but her parents have given her an ultimatum to “set the major” by the end of the trip.

The Serpent King

The Serpent King is a realistic contemporary novel written by Jeff Zentner, a musician. The story is about three unpopular teenagers living in a small Tennessee town. It tackles mature subjects such as domestic abuse, grief, and imprisoned parents. It also examines teenage life and the impact of social media.

This book is about a crown prince who has heard prophecies about the death of his king. Despite this, he cannot forget about a strange servant girl named Juliette Ferrars. She has the power to kill with a touch.


Queenie is a heartwarming novel about a woman trying to balance her career with her personal life. It’s a similar theme to Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us. The protagonist is Queenie, a Jamaican-born British woman who lives in London. Her life spirals out of control after a breakup, and she ends up hooking up with men she doesn’t really want.

The novel is based on a true story and is a poignant, emotional journey. It combines the second-chance story trope with the themes of self-harm, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Sally Rooney’s books are highly regarded and have received rave reviews.

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