Books to Read Before You Die

books to read before you die

One hundred years of solitude is a classic and probably one of the best books to read before you die, but if you’re new to magical realism and South American literature, I recommend Love in the Time of Cholera instead. Both of these works are well worth the read. Regardless of the genre, these books are sure to inspire your future.

The Brothers Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov is one of those books that many people consider a masterpiece. It’s not just a great story, but it also contains plenty of philosophical anecdotes that will have you pondering on your own. If you haven’t read this novel, you’re missing out on a classic.

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one of the most popular novels of all time. The novel, which was first published in 1960, has become an American classic and is frequently taught in high schools. Its impact on the culture was such that it was even adapted into an Academy Award-winning film in 1962. The novel has also been performed as a play in Lee’s hometown since 1990.

Charlotte’s Web

“Charlotte’s Web” is a magical meditation on mortality, time, and finding a true friend. Written by Michael Sims, the book recounts Charlotte White’s childhood. As one of seven children, White was a part of the New York newspaper world during the 1920s. Although she had a bright future, she struggled with anxiety.

War and Peace

War and Peace is one of the most important novels in the English language. It is a powerful, long classic centered on the Napoleonic war. Its cast of characters is truly breathtaking. From Prince Andrei Bolkonsky to Pierre Bezukhov to Natasha Rostov, the story is sure to be a page-turner. War and Peace is not a casual read, and requires time and dedication.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is considered one of the greatest works of literature of the twentieth century, and is considered one of the best novels of all time. It deals with the issues of race, class, environmentalism, and the American Dream. While it was a flop when it was published, it has since become one of the most important novels of the 20th century.

The March Sisters

One of the best-loved books of all time, Little Women is based on the author’s own childhood experiences and follows the lives of four March sisters in a small New England community. The March sisters are Meg, the oldest sister, Jo, an ungainly teen with dreams of becoming an author, Beth, a delicate child, and Amy, the blonde beauty. The story tells of the March sisters’ domestic adventures, their attempts to raise their family’s income, and their friendship with the Lawrence family. The March sisters’ love affairs also come to light in the novel.


Hamlet is a classic Shakespearean drama that has captivated audiences for over 400 years. First published in 1596, this work has been adapted for television, stage, and film. The original play was written by William Shakespeare in his later years and was originally written for an actor named Richard Burbage. It has remained a perennial favorite ever since. This play is set in the late Middle Ages in the Danish kingdom and most of the action takes place in the Elsinore Castle.

East of Eden

East of Eden is one of the books that should be on every literature lover’s list. Set in 19th century Salinas, California, the book tells the story of two families. The Hamiltons and Trasks are opposites of each other, but despite their differences, both families are characterized by morally and economically sound behavior.