Books to Read on Holiday

books to read on holiday

Whether you are on holiday or you just want to read something, here are a few books to consider.

One of the Girls by Lauren Rae

Whether you’re looking for a quick read for your next vacation or a fun and light summer read, One of the Girls is a must-read. This is a thriller set on a Greek island, and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s also loaded with dating advice and is filled with nostalgia.

Four girls meet in their childhood and become friends throughout adulthood. They then discover a tree that will bring them together. It’s all very romantic and sweet, but there’s a little bit of mystery, too.

Time After Time by Louise Pentland

Considering the number of books that I’ve read, I think it’s fair to say that Louise Pentland’s new book is one of the better ones to have landed on my lap. This book is a good combination of romance, adventure and friendship. The plot involves a famous family that throws an unforgettable party in the 1980’s. It’s also quite a swoon worthy novel.

The novel also has a fun time travel twist, which is a novel idea in and of itself. The novel also contains a nice homage to the classic love story, but it’s not as if Pentland’s love of the genre is limited to the sexy.

Rock, Paper Scissors by Mitch Albom

Whether you are looking for something to read on your holiday break or simply in the market for a novel to read, Rock, Paper Scissors by Mitch Albom may be the answer. This bestselling book has been touted as a great read by many. Albom’s latest is a reimagining of his bestselling novel, which includes the addition of an original novel, a prequel and a postquel.

Survival in the Killing Fields by Mitch Albom

Having said that, Mitch Albom’s Survival in the Killing Fields is not a bad read. The name of the author may surprise you, but the book is well worth the read. If you can get past the cover, you’ll be treated to an enlightening tale of warts and tales. The book’s biggest draw is the author’s knack for storytelling. It’s a surprisingly easy read.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your reading needs, there’s no need to turn to the dreaded library bookcase. Albom’s latest release is a notch above the competition.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Described as a ‘Harry Potter’-like story, Children of Blood and Bone is a young adult fantasy novel written by Tomi Adeyemi. Set in a fictional island world called Orisha, the story follows the journey of a young girl named Zelie. As she searches for her magical powers, she discovers a connection to the stolen artifact of a princess named Amari. This connection gives Zelie the power to restore magic to the kingdom, but her quest is not without dangers.

A House in Sicily by Daphne Phelps

Located in Taormina, Sicily, A House in Sicily by Daphne Phelps is not for the faint of heart, but it is a worthy splurge for those seeking a bit of literary stimulation. The book can be a tad dispiriting, but Daphne’s wacky sense of humor ensures a fun experience for all. The book has been renamed, A House in Sicily by Daphne and the illiterate, in the ensuing months.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

‘Lessons in Chemistry’ is the debut novel by Bonnie Garmus. It has been picked up as a television series for Apple TV+. The novel was recently named by the New York Times as a spring reading pick. It is the story of an unusual scientist who becomes the star of an unlikely television cooking show. It is also a hilarious, thought-provoking novel.

The novel’s main character, Elizabeth Zott, is a brilliant young chemist who wants to work in scientific research. However, she is sidelined by her male colleagues and loses her love of her life. Instead, she decides to make a living cooking. Her unconventional approach proves to be a revolutionary one.

Missing: the true story of Mark May

‘The true story of Mark May’ and other books to read on holiday aren’t just about fiction. Many authors have tried to capture the essence of May 1 over the past 100 years.

For a long time, Mark lived in a remote and rough camp in north-western New South Wales. His family spent most of their time in Armidale, but they would travel to the bush from time to time, searching for clues about his whereabouts. Mark also attended boarding school for a while. In the mid-1970s, he started taking heroin. He eventually grew to be a hermit.

The Martian by Daniel Kahneman

Whether you are looking for a bestselling cult classic, or an exciting summer beach read, “The Martian” is a great choice. With a novel that has spawned several film adaptations, you’re sure to enjoy this sweeping story of an astronaut who wakes up on Mars with two other crew members and no memory of his mission. It’s an amazing metaphor for life, and this book is a fantastic summer read.

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