Books Versus Movies – Which is Better and More Educational?

books versus movies which is better and more educational

Compared to watching a movie, reading a book can help you develop your vocabulary and understanding of the character motivations. Besides, novels can be easily understood and visually appealing. And unlike movies, you don’t have to listen to the narration to follow the plot. If you’re wondering how to decide which one is better, you can consult your English teacher or mom for suggestions. In addition, movies do tell you what to think through visual effects and sound effects. In that way, they can limit your imagination.

Novels give you a better understanding of the character’s motivations

If you are a fan of YA fiction, you may have read Catcher in the Rye and Inferno. Both books follow a teenager through his teenage crisis. Although the motivation of this protagonist is not immediately apparent, his outlook is similar to that of many YA readers. Similarly, you may have read Dan Brown’s Inferno (2013), which follows a scientist named Bertrand Zobrist, who has designed a virus to wipe out most of the earth’s population. He believes that saving a small minority of humans is more important than destroying the entire species. Langdon is forced to defend the cause of humanity and must convince a world-renowned scientist to stop him from killing all of humanity.

While you don’t necessarily need to know the reason behind a character’s actions, it is a good idea to understand these motivations. This helps you better connect with the story and understand the plot. By understanding how a character reacts to external events, you will gain a deeper understanding of his motivations. If you want to know why he does certain things, read novels about human nature.

Novels improve vocabulary

Reading a great novel can improve your vocabulary. The writer uses both formal and informal English expressions to draw the reader into the story. If you have trouble understanding a word, you can highlight it in the book and practice using it in everyday conversation. Try to read books that have been published recently, as old books may sound outdated today. If you want to improve your vocabulary in a short amount of time, novels can be a great way to get started.

A good novel should be easy to understand and use. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find it easier to follow the plot and get the hang of the novel’s style. A casual language novel, such as Harry Potter, is full of clever knowledge. Its descriptive and emotional writing style will improve your vocabulary as you continue reading. And don’t forget to write down words you learn during your reading. Novels with the most words are the easiest to understand, so you’ll be able to use them daily.

Novels are easier to understand

Several factors contribute to why novels are easier to understand than movies. For one thing, a novel conveys the author’s message in a more direct and personal way, and a movie, by contrast, involves multiple people and takes significant creative license. A novel is the product of one man’s mind, whereas a movie involves the work of hundreds of people. As a result, the novel’s message may be diluted.

Another reason why films are easier to understand than books is the social component. Films can be discussed with friends while reading a novel can take an entire weekend. Although reading a book can be challenging, the social aspect of a film can be a great way to discuss a storyline and come to a consensus. In addition, a film can be more entertaining, as it can take two hours to finish whereas a novel can take a full weekend to complete.

Novels are more visually appealing

There’s a popular misconception that novels are better than movies. The Washington Post recently released an infographic demonstrating this. The video reveals that novels are more educational and visually appealing than movies. Whether it’s the quality of storytelling or the depth of the story, the Washington Post infographic proves why books are better. It also reveals the power of imagination to make a story come to life for the reader.

While reading a book, you can visualize the setting and the events. A novel has many details that movies usually leave out, making the story seem more realistic. Plus, movies often switch around characters from the book to make it seem like something is happening. Those differences can affect the educational value of a story. Movies aren’t as creative as books, but they can help you develop your imagination.