Books Vs Movies – Which is Better and More Educational?

books versus movies which is better and more educational

A lot of people would prefer to watch movies instead of reading books. This is because movies bring your favorite books to life and give different interpretations of scenes. However, reading is still a good idea, as it develops vocabulary and enhances creativity. In addition, movies also provide information on history and inspire imagination.

They improve vocabulary

Using books and movies together in the classroom is a great way to increase vocabulary development in ESL classes. Both formats have advantages and disadvantages, and both can benefit students in different ways. Books offer reading and listening activities, while movies provide visual elements. Reading books helps students to increase their vocabulary, as well as their spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Reading more often has also been linked to better job prospects and higher pay.

They teach you about history

While history books and movies may seem like an unlikely combination, they are both important tools for teaching history. The study found that over 90% of teachers used at least one film in the classroom on average. Though the sample size was small, it shows that history films are widely used in classrooms. Movies are an effective way to teach students about history, but they must be carefully chosen to promote student understanding.

Not all historical books and movies are historically accurate, and creative license is often taken. Some movies are based on historical novels, autobiographies, and newspaper accounts. Others are based on original screenplays. While the writers of these movies are often very diligent in researching historical events, many films have a lot of leeway in their treatment of the subject matter.

History films are not only entertaining, but also educational. They can teach specific goals while portraying subject matter in a creative way. Some movies are even fact-based or realistic. Either way, they have the power to change how people perceive the past.

They inspire creativity

Books and movies inspire creativity in a number of ways. These films and books often feature characters with a passion for creativity, and these characters can serve as inspiration for us to follow our own creative impulses. Moreover, these works often involve strong forces in the lives of characters, which can either be external or internal.