Can Books Have the Same Title?

can books have the same title

The title of your novel may be similar to another book that is published in the same genre. However, this does not mean that they are the same book. In fact, books with the same title are often published by different publishers. It could be a problem if one of your books has a similar title to another book published in the same genre. However, there are several ways to avoid this issue. First, make sure the title of your novel is unique. In addition, you should try to make the cover of your book different from the other books that have the same title.

PT 109

The movie PT 109 is a fictional account of President Kennedy’s World War II heroism as the captain of a motor torpedo boat that was rammed by a Japanese destroyer. It was the first major studio film to be made about a sitting president. The White House approved the film’s script, its lead actor, and even tried to influence the movie’s running time.

After the war, the PT 109 was the subject of toy models and radio control ships, and the PT was a familiar ship to baby boomers. Today, the PT-109 is still popular as a 1/72 scale model kit by Revell, and it’s also available as an action figure by Hasbro.

The PT-109 was fitted out in Brooklyn Navy Yard and assigned to Ensign Bryant L. Larson, a young naval officer. The PT was part of a group of six new boats under Lieutenant Commander Clifton B. Maddox and allegedly headed for the South Pacific.

During the war, the PT-109 encountered the Japanese several times. It intercepted “Tokyo Express” supply runs, had two enemy plane bombs explode off her port beam, and shot torpedoes at a Japanese patrol plane. In December 1942, the PT-109 was assigned to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron II based on Tulagi Island. It participated in combat operations around Guadalcanal between 7 December and 2 February 1943.

John Kennedy

It’s possible for two John Kennedy books to have the same title. The author of the first one, John Kennedy, crafted the introduction, and drafted the middle of the book, allowing Ted Sorensen and Jules David to contribute to the argument and case studies. Kennedy wrote the introduction and the conclusion.

The two books are different, but they have much in common. They both deal with the same subject. Many have the same title, and both can make the reader apprehensive. The first one is a fawning account of the assassination, Portrait of a President. Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin who was later killed, checked out Portrait of a President months before the assassination. The author of both books had exclusive access to virtually every principal figure in the president’s administration, including the President. The president submitted answers to questions in writing through his staff.

The other book deals with the events surrounding the assassination. Both of these books examine Kennedy’s life. One is a biography written by a veteran journalist and the other a political scholar. The former was a newspaper reporter in Dallas when the assassination occurred. Another is a non-fiction book about the assassination written by a conservative journalist.

Another book by a non-Historian, written in the present tense, is “Killing Kennedy”. It is a mega-best-seller and was the first book on the assassination of the President of the United States. It discusses the decision made by Kennedy to visit Dallas despite warnings of roiling violence. It also includes fresh information about the president’s health problems.

Garden of Beasts

In the Garden of Beasts is a book that describes the rise of Nazi Germany. The novel is a non-fiction account of the events that followed the rise of Hitler and his rise to power. It is told through the eyes of the Dodd family, who visited Berlin in 1933.

Wright will direct the film based on the novel by Larson, which was released in 2011. The movie rights were originally optioned by Gary Goetzman and Tom Hanks’ Playtone in 2011. Universal then set up the movie, but then let them go to StudioCanal.

Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts has a different meaning than the other two novels. The title refers to the ‘Tiergarten’ of Berlin, a former hunting ground for the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm. It is located close to the Reichstag, the US Embassy, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Gorings city house. The surrounding area was an ideal setting for Larson’s 1933-34 book.

Joe Wright, who directed the Winston Churchill biopic Darkest Hour, is also attached to the film. Larson’s book based on the same title is set on the cusp of World War II. Dodd is an American academic from Chicago who becomes America’s first ambassador to Hitler’s Germany.

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