Win Every Argument by Mehdi Hasan

Win Every Argument is the definitive guide to debate, persuasion and public speaking written by award-winning British-American journalist Mehdi Hasan. In this captivating book, Hasan shares his secrets of the trade for the first time. Whether you’re making a presentation at work or engaging in lively political conversations with your friend, this guide will help … Read more

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Win Every Argument by Mehdi Hasan

Mehdi Hasan is a journalist, anchor, and interviewer who has faced off against politicians, generals, and spies from around the world. In this captivating guide to debate, persuasion, and public speaking he shares his tips of the trade. This book will assist students making presentations or lawyers trying to persuade the court. It not only … Read more

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Write a Detailed Review No matter your goals, Atomic Habits provides an effective framework for daily improvement. Author James Clear lays out clear rules to create good habits and break bad ones. To create lasting change, focus on cultivating identity-driven habits. That means thinking about who you want to become and rewarding yourself with small … Read more

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How to Self-Learn Anything provides an effective and straightforward method for making your learning process more efficient. With this system, you’ll be able to master virtually any topic within hours! This book is an excellent read and well worth your time. I highly recommend picking up a copy today! 1. Identify Your Learning Style Learning … Read more

Lessons From Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the best-selling personal finance book of all time. It teaches you how to escape the Rat Race and achieve financial freedom. It also shows you how to avoid wasting your money. You will learn how to invest in real assets that produce real cash flow and wealth. 1. The Rich … Read more

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A Rich Mindset From Rich Dad Poor Dad

If you’re looking to get rich, you’ll want to adopt a wealthy mindset. The book Rich Dad Poor Dad outlines how to do this. The poor and middle class work a job to earn money, while the rich are entrepreneurs who capitalize on opportunities. They don’t spend money frivolously and limit their liabilities. 1. They … Read more

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Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the most popular books about personal finance. It teaches you how to become financially independent and wealthy by investing your money in profitable business activities. Rich dad argues that most people spend their income on things they don’t need (like buying a house) or saving it in a … Read more