China Rich Girlfriend Book Free Explained

china rich girlfriend book free explained

Whether you are a fan of the movie or have heard about it, there are plenty of reasons you might want to read the China Rich Girlfriend book free. There are a few things you need to know before you can decide whether it is for you. You will want to consider the plot, the reviews, and the summary before making your decision.


Unlike the first book in the series, which was about the super rich in Singapore, this one focuses on the Chinese rich in Shanghai. The novel is a satirical look at the real-world consequences of being rich. The author takes a humorous look at what he calls the “new money strata” of China’s super rich.

The book is a tad sluggish at times, but the characters are well-developed. The plot revolves around the Zhen family, who have moved back to China after living in the United States for years. They are part of an elite group of Chinese-born, Western-educated professionals. It is also the first book of the series to feature the fictional protagonist, Carlton Bao, a Chinese-American who is an expert in espionage.

One of the book’s more interesting characters is Carlton’s daughter, Astrid, a woman who is in love with Carlton. She is the perfect example of the newest money strata: she is very good at manipulating others, and has a tendency to sabotage her own marriage. She has a great reason for this, and it is one of the hottest plot lines in the series.

The book is also littered with more than just ostentatious buildings and flashy cars. One of the book’s most memorable moments is Carlton’s trip to London, where he was involved in a car crash. The author describes the scene as a bit of a blur, but the novel does an admirable job of capturing the complexities of life in the financial capital of the world. The novel also features a few notable characters, including the aforementioned Astrid, her brother, Michael, and her girlfriend, Collette Bing.

Kevin Kwan, the author of the novel, is a Singapore native who made his name writing the bestselling Crazy Rich Asians series. He is currently working on the sequel, and a film version is in the works for a 2019 release. Although he has yet to write a sequel to China Rich Girlfriend, he is encouraged by publishers to do so. Hopefully this will give him the incentive he needs to do so.


Described as a satirical romance novel, Kevin Kwan’s China Rich Girlfriend follows a cast of characters in the high-class social circles of Singapore. The novel focuses on the real-time consequences of wealthy lifestyles and privileges.

The novel begins with a car accident involving Carlton Bao, who is driving a Ferrari. His mother and a banker pay hush money to conceal the accident. He is then injured with another girl. After the accident, Carlton Bao’s mother rushes to London with the banker to cover up the accident. She is then found to be poisoned.

In the meantime, Rachel and Nicholas have their honeymoon in Shanghai. Rachel has discovered that her father is a Chinese billionaire. However, Rachel is unaware of her biological father. As she learns about her wealthy family connections, she realizes she has the power to choose her own path in life.

Rachel also discovers that her grandmother, Su Yi, has cancer. Rachel suspects that her mother’s new husband, Gaoliang, is not busy. However, she is soon convinced that her mother is in fact the guilty party. Rachel and Nicholas soon become husband and wife. They are able to marry after Rachel’s father gives her his full support.

As the family moves back to China, it becomes clear that Rachel’s father is not the only rich man in the family. Richie Yang is a multi-billionaire. He is also Colette’s suitor. Colette’s father, however, insists that Richie marry her.

The novel is based on the movie of the same name. It was released in 2013 and climbed to the top of the bestseller list. In 2017, the sequel, Rich People Problems, was released. The sequel follows the matriarch of the Young clan. It will feature Michelle Yeoh, Constance Wu, and Henry Golding.

The novel is set in China and Singapore. There is a wealth of detail about the ultra-rich in mainland China. It includes countless Birkins, penthouse apartments, car elevators, high-speed Ferrari crashes, and many more. There are also IMAX screens and karaoke lounges. There is also a lot of sabotage.


Developed by Warner Bros. and starring Henry Golding, Constance Wu, and Gemma Chan, the sequel to the bestselling Crazy Rich Asians is said to be a major motion picture. The sequel is based on the novel China Rich Girlfriend, which was written by Kevin Kwan. It is the sequel to the bestselling novel and is likely to follow the same plot line as the book.

Kevin Kwan’s book combines the world of wealth with lifestyle p0rn. In it, a group of beautiful, rich, and privileged young women spend their days gossiping in the world’s most opulent hotels. The novel is also a satirical take on modern-day Chinese culture.

A major motion picture adaptation of the novel is expected to hit the cinemas in 2018. It will feature Henry Golding, Constance Wu, and Michelle Yeoh. It will also reunite Golding and Wu for the first time since the original. It is expected to stick close to the novel’s plot, with some deviations. This sequel will focus on Wu’s character.

In the novel, there is a car crash that is inspired by a real-life Ferrari accident in Beijing. This accident led to the demise of a Communist Party official, and it also reveals some interesting facts about Rachel’s father. Other novel highlights include the discovery of a mystery “famous” father, the debut of a character who is “the sexiest Chinese person” ever, and the best way to get married.

The book also satirizes a few important real-life events, including the poisoning of Sichuan politico Bo Xilai. The novel is also a satirical look at the world of a “China rich” family.

The novel is a fun read that’s well-suited to summer vacations. Those who have seen the original will be delighted by the novel’s satirical take on China’s elite. This is a novel for readers who like to romp through lavish hotels and extravagant ways of life. The book is also a great introduction to modern-day China for the North American reading public. A supplementary resource for China Rich Girlfriend can be found at FreeBookNotes.


Whether you’ve read the first book in the Crazy Rich Asians series or haven’t yet, you should read the second one. Not only is it filled with even more outrageous Chinese characters, but there’s more background on Rachel’s family as well. The book also gets darker than the first, though.

The protagonist in the Crazy Rich Asians series is a New York University professor who comes from a powerful family. He is about to marry an economics professor named Rachel Chu. Their wedding is planned for Shanghai. However, they get the news that Rachel’s father is a powerful Chinese politician, which puts Rachel in fear. She is thrown into the China-rich world and has to work hard to stay true to herself.

There are many scandals in this book, including a car wreck that is inspired by an actual Ferrari crash in Beijing. There’s also a family illness that leads to different reactions from different family members. The book includes references to real life scandals, including one that actually brought down a Sichuan politico named Bo Xilai.

Despite the drama, this is a very funny book. The author, Kevin Kwan, is also the author of the comic book series, China Rich Girlfriend. This book, like the comic book, is set in a hyper-rich world of Chinese. Throughout the book, there are plenty of references to the lavish lifestyles of these Asian families. It is the perfect book to read on a summer vacation.

If you’re looking for a book to read on your next vacation, you should definitely consider Kevin Kwan’s China Rich Girlfriend. Not only does it give more information about Rachel’s family, but there’s also plenty of drama and comedy. Read it today and you’ll be on the edge of your seat!

The Audio version of the China Rich Girlfriend is available for download. It was released June 16, 2015. You can download it in two parts and it includes all the chapters. It has a 3.8 star rating on GoodReads. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

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