China Rich Girlfriend Book Free Explained

china rich girlfriend book free explained

The China Rich Girlfriend book by Kevin Kwan can be downloaded for free. The book is available for download in text or PDF format. Let’s look at the plot, characters, and sense of humour. What makes it a good read? These questions are important when deciding whether or not to read the book. You can download the book for free below. But before you do, remember to read the review first.


If you’re interested in learning about the lifestyle of the hyper-rich Chinese, you’ll want to check out Kevin Kwan’s China Rich Girlfriend. This novel blends hyper-wealthy Chinese with attention to manners in a modern setting. The story revolves around two women, Astrid Teo and Rachel Young. They both struggle to keep their marriage together while their husbands’ fortunes grow. When Rachel encounters the life of the Bao family, she begins to realize that her reputation isn’t as important as being yourself.

This novel begins with a newspaper article about a car accident involving a wealthy Chinese family. In the accident, Carlton Bao was driving his Ferrari when it crashed in London. A woman was also involved in the accident, and both of them were injured. The woman’s mother, who had a banker as a husband, hurried to the UK and paid hush money to cover up the incident.

While the plot of this novel is fascinating, it has its drawbacks. The narration was distracting and the pacing was off. The narrator’s accent was poor, and she couldn’t differentiate the different characters’ voices. Consequently, Rachel came off sounding whiny, and that was not what I was expecting.

If you’re a lover of novels, then you’ll probably want to check out China Rich Girlfriend. The author Kevin Kwan has previously written the bestselling novel Crazy Rich Asians. The story has become so popular that it’s even being adapted into a major motion picture.


The Plot of China Rich Girlfriend is an excellent novel that will capture the imagination of a global audience. The story begins in a car wreck, where Carlton Bao, the driver of a Ferrari, collides with another girl. The accident is covered up, and Carlton’s mother, a banker, rushes to London to pay hush money to protect her daughter. However, the accident has serious consequences for both women.

If you want to read the book without worrying about the plot, you can use free China Rich Girlfriend study guides. These guides contain chapter summaries, quotes, and analysis of themes, characters, and symbols from the novel. The study guides can be downloaded from several digital sources. These guides will help you understand what is happening in the novel and how it affects the characters.

Plot of China Rich Girlfriend is a satirical romantic comedy novel by Kevin Kwan. It’s the sequel to the smash-hit novel Crazy Rich Asians. The title of the book refers to Eleanor’s comment about the rich people in China. While the first book follows Rachel Chu and Nick Young’s wedding in Singapore, the second novel will continue the story two years later. The story will likely follow the same characters, including the rift between Astrid and Michael, and the deep feelings between Astrid and Charlie.

If you love satirical romance novels, Plot of China Rich Girlfriend is a great choice. Like Crazy Rich Asians, this book is set in a high-society in Asia, and will make you laugh. The story is full of twists and turns, as well as real-life consequences.


China Rich Girlfriend is a novel about the world of privilege and wealth. It follows the lives of several characters, including Astrid Teo, a wife who tries to keep her marriage together as her husband’s fortune grows. Rachel Young suffers under the influence of her step-mother and future mother-in-law, Shaoyen. As a result, she realizes that her reputation is not as important as her personality.

The novel is set in Singapore, where the wealthy people are surrounded by a plethora of luxury and opulence. China Rich Girlfriend is a satire of the upper class there and is being adapted into a major motion picture. The novel has received widespread praise for its subversion of Asian stereotypes.

In the first chapter of China Rich Girlfriend, the reader is introduced to the characters. Richie Yang is the son of a multi-billionaire and one of the richest men in China. He is Colette’s suitor. However, her father tries to prevent her from marrying him. Her father, Jack Bing, has an affair with Kitty, another woman. Colette’s personal assistant, Roxanne Ma, was a birthday present from her father. Later, Roxanne Ma is revealed to have poisoned Rachel.

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