China Rich Girlfriend Book Free Explained

china rich girlfriend book free explained

Kevin Kwan’s China Rich Girlfriend blends lifestyle p0rn with an attention to manners. It’s set in New York among the hyper-rich Chinese. It’s a quick read that makes you want to spend more time in the book’s setting and characters.

Review of China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

The sequel to Kevin Kwan’s bestselling novel Crazy Rich Asians, “China Rich Girlfriend” explores the lives of the super-rich in mainland China. It is equal parts insider takedown and celebration of contemporary Asian culture. It celebrates consumerism while making fun of its hedonistic underpinnings. “China Rich Girlfriend” follows the same cast of characters as its predecessor, and will be a good choice for fans of those two books.

As with Crazy Rich Asians, Kwan presents a relatively sensible main character. In China Rich Girlfriend, we meet a wealthy New York University professor who is the son of a rich and powerful Chinese family. His estate is larger than Central Park and his father is a Chinese politician. Despite his seemingly sensible upbringing, he soon learns more about his biological father, a politician who is equally wealthy.

The story begins with a newspaper article revealing a car accident. Carlton Bao, a member of the rich and powerful, was the driver of a Ferrari involved in the accident. He was also injured, as was his girlfriend. However, his mother, a banker, paid hush money to cover up the incident. The incident reveals how the rich and famous in mainland China live, despite the fact that they do not share a common heritage.

The book depicts the lavish lifestyles of mainland Chinese high-net-worth families and their attempts to project a sophisticated image. The novel also touches on the secrecy of the wealthy and powerful. But for all its satire, China Rich Girlfriend still manages to impress.

This novel is an excellent sequel to the successful Crazy Rich Asians. The plot is a whirlwind of wealth and excess. But it does have some flaws that could have been addressed better. The novel’s main problem is the fact that Kwan introduces too many characters at once, and the sudden shift in POVs within a chapter is a huge challenge. It also leaves too many things unresolved at the end. Luckily, a sequel is already in the works, but it would have been much better if Kwan gave us more closure on the story’s events.

Three words that describe China Rich Girlfriend

The film China Rich Girlfriend opens with a news article about a car accident in London. Carlton Bao, the main character, was driving his Ferrari when it crashed and was injured along with the other girl. After the accident, her mother, a banker, flew to London and paid the girl hush money to keep the accident from being publicized. As the story unfolds, the girls begin to fall in love and their relationship gets complicated.

China Rich Girlfriend is a satirical romantic comedy that is a sequel to the popular Crazy Rich Asians novel. The title is a reference to a line made by Eleanor in the first book. The novel is a satire of the upper class in Asia.

The story is extravagant and dramatic, with details of East Asian life and culture. The plot follows a wealthy young woman named Rachel Chu, who is preparing to get married. She has an Asscher-cut diamond, a beautiful wedding dress, and a fiance who is willing to thwart her family’s meddling.

The book was picked up as a movie by the producers of the hit Hunger Games. Kevin Kwan is now working on the conclusion to his trilogy about the rich and famous in Asia. While a satire, “China Rich Girlfriend” is also a celebration of the Asian elite and their consumerism.


China Rich Girlfriend is the follow-up novel to Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel Crazy Rich Asians, which became an international sensation in 2014. The book is set two years after the first book, and is a satirical look at the upper class in Asia. The first book, published in 2013, has garnered a lot of praise for subverting stereotypes about Asians, and this new sequel takes that idea a step further.

The book is a mix of lifestyle p0rn and attention to manners in a world of super-wealth. The characters are rich and opulent, and readers will be transported to the opulence and privilege of these families. While the book centers on a rich young Chinese man, it also centers on the complicated relationships between the characters.

In the first chapter, a newspaper article is published. The story describes a car crash in which Carlton Bao was involved, along with a young girl who was injured. The newspaper reported that her mother, who was a banker, hurried to London after paying hush money to cover up the accident.


Setting up China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan is a fun read that’s perfect for summer vacations. It’s about American heroine Rachel Chu Young’s quest to find her biological father, a fabulously wealthy Chinese official. It’s like a Chinese Sex and the City, but with gorgeous young women instead of sex. It’s filled with shopping, gossiping, and the glitz and glamour of the world’s most expensive hotels.

China Rich Girlfriend is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed novel Crazy Rich Asians. It’s set two years after the events in the first novel. It follows a cast of characters in an elite Singapore social circle, where a high-powered man can spend any whim he wants. The plot revolves around the real-time consequences of these decisions, and the novel is a satire of the Asian upper class.

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