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The China Rich Girlfriend is a book about two men and one woman. The first chapter opens with a newspaper article about a car wreck in London in which Carlton Bao was driving his Ferrari when the accident happened. Carlton and another girl were both injured. After the accident, Carlton’s mother hurried to London with a banker and paid hush money to cover it up.

Kevin Kwan

Kevin Kwan’s free China rich girlfriend book is one of the most entertaining and charming books I’ve read in a long time. The author is a Singaporean who’s old money but also cultured, and writes about his experiences in a way that’s not overtly obnoxious. But that doesn’t mean his stories aren’t well written or entertaining. This is one of his best-selling novels.


After a rocky start in book one, Astrid and Michael attempt to salvage their marriage. Their relationship has never been happy and the two find their differences a source of tension. However, Michael’s newfound success with his company has changed the way they interact with each other. Astrid finds herself at odds with her husband’s desire to show off his wealth. In addition, she finds herself in a relationship with an entrepreneur, and this is a recipe for disaster.

Astrid discovers that Michael’s first business partner, Charlie, bought it because he wanted her to be happy. Michael, however, believes that she is cheating on him and threatens her with violence. Meanwhile, Astrid is reconnected to her ex-fiance Charlie Wu, who has been living in California since they met. Charlie also helps Astrid with her marital problems.

China Rich Girlfriend is as entertaining as the first book. Astrid continues to discover what it’s like to be a rich woman in China. She learns about shady dealings with billionaires, family secrets, and living up to society’s expectations. Her characters, Rachel, Nick, Charlie, and Astrid, are a strong base for the story.


China Rich Girlfriend is a fiction novel that explores the lives of wealthy Chinese people. The book follows a cast of characters that is both entertaining and enchanting. It explores wealth, family drama, power plays, East Asian culture, and love. It will enlighten readers about the elite lifestyle in China.

The story follows the lives of Astrid and Michael, who are living the good life in Hong Kong and making lots of money. But as their fortune grows, it has its own set of problems. Astrid’s mother is dead and her father is a Chinese politician. In this novel, both Astrid and Michael must learn to deal with this new situation.

Astrid Teo and Michael Teo’s marriage is apparently perfect, but it is really a cover-up. Michael is a billionaire who became famous and became critical of his wife. When a business deal fails, Michael accuses Astrid of being the reason the deal fell through. But Astrid believes that her father bought her first company. However, Michael’s father didn’t buy the company. Ultimately, Charlie Wu bought the company.


China Rich Girlfriend is the second book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, which picks up two years after the first novel. While the first book follows Rachel Chu and Nick Young’s engagement, the second book picks up two years later. This sequel will likely stick to the novel’s structure, as it follows their growing relationship. After all, the mid-credits scene implies that the two will meet again in the sequel.

The novel follows Nicholas Young, an NYU professor, as he prepares to marry economics professor Rachel Chu. Rachel is missing her biological father, but the couple is on their honeymoon when Nick’s mother, Eleanor, unexpectedly shows up at the rehearsal dinner. She tells them that her son is not their biological father, but an accident reveals his identity. The couple then head to Shanghai for their honeymoon. The richness of this city is all over the novel, with brand names everywhere.

Rachel and Nick marry, and Rachel’s father, Gaoliang, is a wealthy businessman. He has a wife, Eleanor, who does not approve of her. Rachel, however, is able to get along with Gaoliang and Nick despite his disapproval.

Collette Bing

Collette Bing has become a famous Instagram celebrity, and she’s not shy about sharing her life on social media. She spontaneously flies to Paris with her friends, and her maids join in the fun. A young wife, meanwhile, wonders if her hyper-rich father intentionally overvalued her tech startup. Fortunately for her, she’s not the only one with questions about her father’s hidden past.

Collette is the daughter of a Chinese billionaire, and her father is so rich that he has a gift room full of Hermes bags. However, the billionaire’s younger brother is irresponsible and Rachel suspects that he’s busy with another woman. In addition, her father has a long-standing affair with his secretary, Kitty, and the billionaire’s personal assistant, Roxanne Ma. In spite of the pressure from her father, Colette is still in love with Carlton, despite the fact that she has been with Richie Yang for years.

Kevin Kwan shows a world that is filled with wealth and privilege. Rachel Chu’s fiance is willing to risk his fortune for her happiness. In the midst of their wedding preparations, she mourns the fact that her birthfather is not going to attend the wedding. But an accident reveals his identity. Soon, Rachel Chu is drawn into a world of Shanghai opulence. She discovers that people attend church in penthouses, and that exotic cars race down the boulevard. These are the lifestyles of the China rich.


The Carlton’s China Rich Girlfriend book is a great read. This is a story about an English billionaire who has a rich daughter from a wealthy Chinese family. Rachel has spent her life waiting to meet her father, but it all changes when the boy’s illegitimate half-sister poisons her. In this novel, Rachel must fight for her life and the happiness of her children.

Rachel and Carlton go on vacation to Paris, where they meet rich friends, like Colette Bing. She is in love with Carlton, but she’s not sure he’s the one for her. Meanwhile, Rachel and her family have their own problems. Rachel’s younger brother, Charlie, has a troubled past. He’s always in over his head, but he’s still trying to impress Rachel.

China Rich Girlfriend is the sequel to the bestselling novel Crazy Rich Asians. The first novel was a satire on the upper class in Asia, and the sequel continues the story. The story takes place two years after the events of the first novel. In both books, a Chinese-American girl discovers she’s the daughter of a Chinese millionaire.

Astrid’s younger brother

Astrid’s younger brother, Charlie, is a successful businessman. He has a relationship with his wife, Astrid, which isn’t exactly satisfying. They often fight over child discipline. Nevertheless, they have a burgeoning correspondence that grows more playful over time.

While it appears that Astrid’s marriage is perfect, her husband is in reality unhappy. In addition to her nagging husband, she also had a son. But he was unfaithful and often criticized his wife. When the business deal went wrong, he blamed his wife. Meanwhile, Astrid is in love with Charlie Wu, her ex-husband’s younger brother.

Charlie, Astrid’s younger brother, continues to love Astrid despite his secret investments and irresponsibility. Although Astrid’s marriage with Michael is about to break up, she still loves her younger brother. Michael is suspicious of Astrid’s father and tries to wreck her career.

Astrid’s father, Teo, is a wealthy businessman who wants to pass on his secrets to his son. He also wants to pass on his marble bust of Emperor Nero. But Michael shakes his head in disbelief.

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