How Books Can Be Deceiving

books can be deceiving

Once Lindsey returned to the familiar, she felt at ease. This story illustrates how books can be deceiving. The feeling of security is false, but the familiarity makes us feel safe. Once Lindsey returned to familiar surroundings, she felt comfortable and safe. But this feeling only lasts for a moment.

How books can be deceiving

In How Books Can Be Deceiving, Jenn McKinlay brings us a gripping story of deceit. In it, Beth’s ex-boyfriend steals her children’s book idea and sells it to an editor. A short time later, Beth is found dead on a private island off the coast of Connecticut. The killer had inscribed the word ‘liar’ across her forehead.

Getting a false sense of security from reading a book

Getting a false sense of security is when you believe that a situation is less dangerous than it actually is. This can happen when you undervalue the risk in a situation, and when you do not properly weigh the risks. A valid warning aims to counter this false sense of security.

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