How Can Books Have the Same Title?

can books have the same title

Whether you are writing your first novel or you are trying to get the attention of publishers, there are a few ways to make sure your book doesn’t have the same title as another. You may have to avoid using derogatory or descriptive language in your title. You may also need to test the memorability of your title. In other words, do you think people will remember your book if they hear your title?

PT 109 and John Kennedy are descriptive or generic terms

PT 109 and John Kennedy are descriptive or generic terms, but they are synonymous for many baby boomers. The PT-109 is a patrol torpedo boat (PT boat) that was one of fifteen patrol torpedo boats (PTs) sent to engage the Tokyo Express, a convoy of Japanese soldiers waging war against US forces in southern Japan.

Kennedy’s crew, on the other hand, were trying to rescue a shipwreck. They were thirsty and starved. The crew thought they saw a boat nearby that appeared to be another PT boat, but it was not.

As they approached the wreck, they saw it was a Japanese destroyer. The destroyer was traveling at 40 knots. They were two and a half miles away from the wreck, and it was a moonless night. They could not see the other ship, but they could see the starboard aft section of the PT-109. The crew had been knocked in to the water. They had to swim to a deserted island for a few hours. They were then rescued by a coastwatcher.

Garden of Beasts is a book set in Berlin around the 1936 Olympics

GARDEN OF BEASTS is an espionage thriller set in Berlin in the mid-1930s. It’s the first in a series of Cold War spy novels. The novel was named a winner of the Steel Dagger award, which is given by the Crime Writers’ Association in the UK.

The book is about a family from Chicago who are transported to Berlin in 1933. They have no idea what’s in store for them. The book follows their adventures in their first year in Berlin. They also encounter various tensions within the city.

The book is a good read for people who enjoy historical drama. However, it feels more like a stage play than a novel. There are interesting characters, but there are also some caricatures.

Hansen’s book has the same title as Wolff’s

Apparently, Michael Wolff’s new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is the same book as the one published ten years ago by Professor Randall Hansen. It was a well-received book that was also a bestseller. But, unlike the Hansen book, sales of the Wolff book have surged in recent days.

Michael Wolff’s book reveals the inner workings of the Trump White House. His book also features high-level Trump confidants. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the Trump presidency.

Interestingly, Michael Wolff’s book has the same title as a book by a political science professor named Randall Hansen. Hansen is the interim director of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

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