It Ends With Us and Books Similar to It

books similar to it ends with us

If you’ve read It Ends With Us, then you’ve likely wondered what else is similar to it. The novel centers on three women and the story of their unhappily married lives. Alice has been married for over 50 years and thinks her marriage is perfect, but it’s far from it. She’s unhappy and unfaithful, and her husband, Ken, is violent when he’s angry.

Safe Haven

While the plot of Safe Haven and books similar to it ends with the same ending, they have distinct differences. In the former, the main character Katie is trying to find love after losing her beloved father. In the latter, she’s trying to find the courage to be vulnerable again, and in both books, Katie and Alex’s relationship is very similar. Nicholas Sparks is the go-to author for romances, and this book will not disappoint.

Both Safe Haven and It Ends With Us begin in similar ways. A couple who’ve been unhappily married for 50 years is looking for love again, and they are searching for a happy ending. Ken, their husband, is abusive and turns violent when he gets angry. Both women are struggling with their new marriages and trying to make it work. They are seeking help and have a difficult time doing so.

Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Under Rose-Tainted Skie, by Tracy Gornall, is a contemporary young adult novel about living with mental illness. Norah, who is seventeen, struggles with panic attacks, agoraphobia, and OCD. Before having a panic attack, she was just like any other teen. Now, she is scared of things she used to love. Norah is forced to choose between her loved ones and her illness, and her relationship with her mother and her boyfriend Luke has been put on hold.

Although this book deals with a variety of topics regarding mental illness, it does not feel heavy or too dark. The only time the book feels heavy is when a scene of a woman being cut. However, it is not a book to be read out loud, and the watercolor cover captures the feeling of being trapped. Rather, it is a book to be read in private, where you can fully appreciate its impact on the character.

The story of Norah is one of the most touching of all the YA novels. Her battle with agoraphobia and OCD has kept her housebound for years, but her sudden encounter with the charming new boy next door, Luke, makes her try to live her life in spite of her mental illness. However, her illness thwarts any chances of romance. Under Rose-Tainted Skies is a highly enjoyable read, and its portrayal of mental illness is particularly poignant.

Another highlight of Under Rose-Tainted Skie’s character development is Norah’s mental health. Although she suffers from depression, the novel does not dwell on the condition; it explores how Norah copes with her challenges. Ultimately, Norah’s mental health is the focus of the novel, and it will change readers’ perceptions of mental illness. Regardless of what your opinion of mental health is, this book is worth reading and discussing.

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