Lessons From Rich Dad and Poor Dad

lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad and Poor father are famous for their conflicting views of money, wealth and success. Rich Dad is a philanthropist who believes in working for money while poor father teaches that earning money by doing your own work is the best way to earn wealth. This book is filled with lessons for men of all ages on how to make money and become successful. Despite the cynicism of others, you should never let their cynicism control you.

Rich Dad taught his son not to be controlled by fear or greed

Rich Dad’s philosophy of wealth and poverty was simple. People must learn to live life without being controlled by fear and greed. Fear and greed are the two forces that control most people, and they are the reason that the majority of the world’s poor people live in poverty. Fear is a powerful emotion, and it controls us in so many ways. When we are driven by fear, we will make decisions that will not improve our lives in the long run.

Rich Dad taught his son not to be controlled either by fear or greed. His dad told him that if he was forced to steal, it is a federal crime. After two weeks of tedious work, Robert quit. His poor dad told him to demand 25 cents an hour and quit the job if he wasn’t given that. He then went to meet the rich dad and was made to wait more than 60 minutes before getting the raise he wanted.

Poor Dad believed that working for money is the best way to make money

The concept of making money from a job is not new. Even our parents once followed the same approach. During the Depression, our poor dad would focus on keeping his job and getting a pay raise. However, he soon grew tired of his job and decided to quit. But how did he make money from a job? What are his secrets? Read on to discover the answers to these questions.

Kiyosaki grew up with two “dads” – one was an extremely wealthy man who made millions while his poor dad was a lowly government employee. Both of them taught him to work hard for money to achieve financial independence, but their methods were different. While his “poor” dad wanted him to get a respectable degree, his rich dad believed that working for money is the best way to earn money.

Importance of not letting cynicism of others overtake your control

The best way to overcome the cynicism of others is to first understand the reasons for their cynicism. It is common for people to be cynical because of their pain or fear. But it is important to understand that most people aren’t born with this outlook. Instead, cynicism is a symptom of pain or fear.

If you want to change your attitude, you must constantly service your psyche. You must make a commitment to changing and reflect on your progress. But you must be careful not to slip into old habits. The same goes for drug use or stress. These habits can become ingrained and hard to break. Here are some tips to help you combat the cynicism of others.

Cynicism is a protective mechanism against disappointment and mistakes. Unfortunately, it can make life difficult for those around you. When you become cynical, you will tend to turn away from new people and have less meaningful relationships with others. In addition to hurting yourself, your cynicism can rub off on others. Cynics are not likely to welcome new people into their lives and their negativity will inevitably rub off on them.

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