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My Husband’s Wife Book Ending Spoilers

My husband’s wife is a new psychological thriller from English author Jane Corry. It’s set to hit American shelves just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Freshly married lawyer Lily McDonald is desperate to start a new life. But her perfect marriage is threatened by secrets from their past that can destroy them.

Lily and Ed

After the death of her brother, Lily decides to make a fresh start. She marries her new husband Ed, a self-confessed artist, and starts work as a lawyer. But when she takes on her first murder case, she is immediately drawn to a strange client, Joe, who reminds Lily of her brother.

A young girl named Carla lives next door to Ed and Lily, and is a very manipulative child. Her mother, Francesca, is very attractive and loves Carla more than she can say.

As Carla grows older and her mother begins dating a married man, she becomes jealous of her mother and her husband. This causes problems for the two women. They are not able to live up to the expectations of their neighbors and find themselves in trouble.

It is 12 years later and Ed and Lily are still married, with a son with Asperger’s, but their marriage is strained. Their neighbour’s daughter, Carla, is now a dangerous young woman who is a lot more cunning and vicious than she once was.

This is a story of secrets, lies, deception and the consequences when it is too late to save yourself. Jane Corry has written a dark psychological thriller that will have you looking for the worst in people, and in yourself.

What if your life was built on a lie?

The answer to that question lies at the heart of Jane Corry’s debut novel, My Husband’s Wife. A compelling and engrossing story about the power of secrets, lies, deception and the devastating consequences that can follow, My Husband’s Wife is the perfect book for anyone who loves a good psychological thriller!

A sly, edgy and fast-paced thriller about love, lies, betrayal and revenge, My Husband’s Wife tells the story of Lily and Ed, who are a young couple who are thrown into turmoil after their marriage. Their intertwined pasts play a huge part in their current situation, but when a long-buried secret is revealed they can only hope that they can survive it. They’ll have to make some tough choices that will change their lives forever, but there’s no telling whether they’ll make it or break them.


Carla is Lily’s nine-year-old neighbor who lives with her Italian mother Francesca in an apartment next door to Lily and Ed’s. She was born without a father and often feels different from the other girls at school who have more money than she does. She is a very sad girl and longs for the things that she can’t have.

As Carla grows up she finds herself chasing men and thinking they are owed her something. She wants to be the best friend she can be for Ed, but she isn’t sure how to be friends with someone who is so different from her.

She has a hard time focusing at school and gets bullied a lot. Lily helps her by keeping her mind occupied and by drawing for her. She also gives her a pet velvet caterpillar pencil case that she keeps in the drawer of her bed.

Then, she meets Joe Thomas, a lawyer who reminds her of her past. When he tells her he has a murder case that will be a great opportunity for her, she can’t help but be drawn to him.

But as she gets closer to him, she can’t help but be sucked into his world and his secrets. She can’t resist the temptation to help him, even if she doesn’t want to.

Her obsessions lead her to become more and more obsessed with him, but she can’t help but wonder if he is the man for her. He is so controlling and he takes a great deal of advantage of her.

As he becomes more and more of a threat to her, she begins to worry about his safety. She tries to keep her distance from him, but her fears are only getting worse.

As the story comes to an end, Joe and Carla are facing their darkest days yet. They will soon have to face their demons head on and learn what it means to truly love. It will be a hard lesson to learn, but it is the one that will change their lives forever.

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas is a Hall of Famer and one of the most dependable offensive linemen ever to play in the NFL. But his story goes much deeper than the 10,363 consecutive snaps he recorded for the Cleveland Browns. He was a goofball off the field as well, and he always valued friendship and preparation above all else.

He was also a great communicator, and his personality made him stand out from other players in the league. He was known for his ability to turn up the heat on offense and defense, as well as a willingness to step in and make big plays on special teams.

After being picked third overall in the 2007 NFL draft, he became a part of the Cleveland Browns family as a hard-working player who played with the heart of a champion. He’s a fan favorite and one of the most consistent players in the history of the franchise.

But Joe’s not the only football star in his family. His mother, Risa, was also a pro athlete who starred in the sport of horseback riding.

As a kid, she’d often take her horses out for rides in the countryside, and he would often help her with her chores around the house. As she grew older, she started helping him in his business as a hunter.

The two began to spend time together outside of work, and they became close friends. They married and had two children.

They had a daughter named Nina, who they were happy to have as a part of their family. When she ran away, though, they were devastated. They hoped she’d come back, but they never expected to find her dead.

Joe’s handler John McCleary (John Doman) asks him to help recover the daughter of a state senator. Votto doesn’t want authorities involved, and wants to pay him $50,000 for her return.

But before the job is over, it becomes apparent that there is a larger conspiracy behind the disappearance of the girl. And Joe’s nightmares start to spin out of control.

In this dark thriller, Corry takes her characters and makes them into a terrifyingly realistic group of people who’ll leave you wondering about their motivations and whether they’re good or bad. They’re all as complex as they are unlikable, but each of them has a secret that will keep you turning the pages.


When Avery’s father, Paul, dies, she takes over as his legal guardian and power of attorney. She doesn’t know it yet, but her father has left instructions for her to protect his estate – which is a lot of responsibility.

She’s also in charge of protecting Justice Wynn, who has slipped into a coma after a high-profile trial. She’s already trying to balance her job as a lawyer, her troubled marriage to Matt, and her sister, Libby, who has an abusive boyfriend.

As she tries to deal with her new duties, she’s surprised by the arrival of her old friend Rose. It turns out that Rose is actually another plant sent by Acelia to threaten her. She’s a bit of a psycho, so Avery isn’t sure if she’ll like her very much.

But her job with the insurance company takes a back seat to learning who Rose is, and how she could be tied to her boss’s death. She’s also in shock to discover that her sister, Libby, has a secret that could mean her own death.

When Avery and Libby learn that the billionaire Tobias Hawthorne has named them as his heirs, they travel to Texas for the reading of the will. While there, they encounter four of Tobias’s brilliant grandsons – Nash Westbrook Hawthorne, Grayson Davenport Hawthorne, Jameson Winchester Hawthorne, and Alexander Blackwood Hawthorne (or “Xander”).

The boys are all charming, but Avery doesn’t trust them. They’re a part of an organization called the Circle of Twelve, descendants of Alexander the Great’s heirs who have a huge impact on world affairs – from petty family feuds to global conflict.

Suddenly, Avery has to put her own life on hold while she solves the puzzle. She enlists the help of Jack Bishop, who works for this group too and feels a great personal connection to her.

As she helps him unravel the mystery, she’s forced to confront her own fears about being a Circle member – and the fact that she’s actually the one in charge. She’s got to decide who she’s going to protect, or let go of her power and risk losing everything she holds dear.

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