No More Secrets – A Small Town Love Story

Book summary of No More Secrets A Small Town Love Story

No More Secrets is the first book in the Blue Moon series, written by Lucy Score, a self-published author. It is a contemporary romance that alternates between multiple points of view. The main character, Carter Pierce, believes in signs. He also believes that he’ll find his true love through signs.

Lucy Score’s No More Secrets

Lucy Score’s No More Secrets is an easy-to-read romance novel with equal parts drama and fun. It is set in a small, picturesque town in upstate New York. Though the book revolves around a love story, it also touches on a serious subject – PTSD, a condition that is affecting a large population of soldiers returning from active duty.

In Lucy Score’s No More Secrets: a Small Town Love Story, the main characters are young and in love. We learn how their relationship develops from the perspective of two people with different personalities and experiences. Harper is happy, cheerful, and brave, while Luke is mysterious and intense, with past trauma. We also learn about the other characters, which are important to the plot.

Lucy Score was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She is the oldest of three siblings. She began writing in second grade. Today, she enjoys cooking, yoga, napping, and writing romantic stories. She has been published in two paperbacks. Her life’s passion is to write and she is happy to share her talent with readers.

“No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story” is the debut novel in Lucy Score’s Blue Moon series. Summer Lentz is a New York journalist who’s been assigned to write an article on a local farm. She meets Cart Pierce, the owner of the farm and sexiest farmer in town. They must decide whether their feelings are worth the risks.

Adriana Locke’s character in No More Secrets

Author Adriana Locke grew up in a small town in southern Indiana. She left to pursue her dreams and has lived in Arizona and Ohio before returning to the Midwest. Growing up, Locke had an active imagination and enjoyed painting and archeology. She hopes to spread the love in her novels by ensuring that her readers have an enjoyable experience.

Locke is active on social media and enjoys interacting with her readers. She has accounts on all the major platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Locke has been writing romance novels for a few years, and has written a number of series featuring damaged bad boys. Each book in her series has concluded with a happy ending.

In this charming novel, a high school sweetheart must choose between hope and fear. When their love affair goes awry, they must make the difficult decision to move on. The end result is a happy ending that will leave you wanting more.

The protagonist of No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Stories by Adriana Locke is a charming and likable character who will enchant you with her warm and charming personality. Besides her charm and wit, Adriana’s feisty nature is sure to win you over. Whether you’re looking for a small town romance or a sweeping, heartwarming, or funny tale, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Unlike many romance novels, No More Secrets features a unique romance with a twist. The story begins with a tragic accident where a woman accidentally damages a man’s truck. Later, she stands in front of the mechanic to apologize and explains the accident. As the two share an awkward moment together, Sienna finds him sexy. After a brief encounter, she begins to feel Walker’s feelings for her.

Hallmark movie resemblance in No More Secrets

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Author’s writing style

No More Secrets is a contemporary small town love story with equal parts romance and drama. It is set in a picturesque upstate New York town. Although the book centers on a romantic relationship, it also touches on PTSD and the plight of returning military personnel.

The story begins with Summer Lentz arriving in Blue Moon Bend. She is there to write an article for a magazine, but finds herself falling in love with the six-pack retired Army Ranger, Carter. While in Blue Moon Bend, Summer is forced to keep a secret that could destroy her future with Carter.

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