No More Secrets – A Small Town Love Story by Adriana Locke

Book summary of No More Secrets A Small Town Love Story

No More Secrets is not a mystery novel; it’s a romance novel, with a magazine journalist and a retired Army Ranger as main characters. This book is a bestseller on Amazon, and has received glowing reviews in the Wall Street Journal.

Lucy Score’s No More Secrets

Lucy Score was born in rural Pennsylvania and has been writing since the second grade. Aside from writing romance novels, she also enjoys yoga, cooking, and napping. As a writer, she spends her spare time rehearsing her steamy love stories.

No More Secrets is a contemporary small town romance novel that is equal parts drama and fun. It’s set in a picturesque town in upstate New York, and while it focuses on romance, it also touches on the plight of veterans, particularly those coming home from active duty. This story will make you feel as if you were in the story with them.

Lucy Score does a great job of characterization. She has a strong heroine in Harper, who is cheerful, kind, and brave. In contrast, her main character, Luke, is intense, mysterious, and has a past that’s complicated. Despite their differences, each character is important to the story.

No More Secrets is Lucy Score’s debut novel in the Blue Moon series. Summer Lentz is a journalist from New York, and she’s assigned to write a story on a farm in Blue Moon Bend. In the town of Blue Moon Bend, the owner of the farm, Cart Pierce, is an ex-Army man and one of the sexiest farmers in town. Summer and Cart must decide if their feelings are worth the risk. In the process, Summer is forced to make a decision that will either hinder or advance her future with Carter.

Adriana Locke’s character in No More Secrets

Adriana Locke is a USA Today Bestselling Author and one of the Top 10 authors on Amazon. She writes romantic novels that are realistic and relatable, and has an extensive fan base. In her spare time, Locke enjoys reading, cooking, and playing with her children. She also subscribes to local newspapers and magazines, and she is an avid reader.

When Neely Madden lost her job, she was desperate to go back to her hometown. But she never expected to run into Dane Madden, the man who broke her heart. He didn’t know that she was a broken-hearted woman and wanted him as much as she wanted him. When the two locked eyes, they knew that they had to have each other.

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Series by Adriana Locke includes four novels and a novella. Each book in the series is a standalone story, although some of the characters in each book are taken from Locke’s popular Landry Family series. Adriana Locke’s main characters are childhood friends, who have to find fast cash to save their Bed and Breakfast. The series also includes a series of typical small town tropes and includes a billionaire and a former NFL star.

The characters in the Small Town Romance series are believable and realistic. The town itself was quaint and populated with wonderful citizens who cared about each other. The characters in each book had special relationships with their families. Sophie had a very special relationship with her grandfather, while Holden’s relationship with his grandfather was warm, loving, and wise.

Adriana Locke’s character in Nomore Secrets: A Small Town Love Story was written for readers looking for a strong female character. She has a complicated past, but she is still strong and determined. She was willing to work hard to make her family better. She is a likable and sympathetic character, and readers will definitely relate to her.

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A small town love story, No More Secrets is a quick read that has equal parts romance, drama, and fun. The story is set in a picturesque upstate New York town, and although its central theme is romance, it also explores the issues of PTSD, which affects a large population of men returning from active duty.

Despite their differences, the town is willing to help them grow closer. But no one can be sure what their future holds, and secrets continue to hold them apart. With the help of the community, can the two grow closer to one another and finally find the love of their lives?

Wall Street Journal bestseller

No More Secrets is a charming, easy-to-read novel that has equal parts drama and romance. It is set in a small, picturesque upstate New York town. While romance is the main theme, the author also touches on PTSD, a serious mental disorder that affects a large percentage of men returning from active duty.

The story revolves around a former NFL player who becomes a small town coach. When he sacks the local beauty queen, he realizes that his entire world is at stake. Before he knows it, Ronan Smith has lost his fiancee in a tragic car accident. He begins to spiral into a pit of grief, making choices that may not be the best for him.

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