No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story by Adriana Locke

Book summary of No More Secrets A Small Town Love Story

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story is a great read for romance lovers. It’s not a mystery, but it is still a romantic novel. It follows the story of a six-pack magazine journalist and her relationship with an ex-Army Ranger.

Lucy Score

Lucy Score is an Amazon Kindle Store and Wall Street American bestselling author. She was raised in rural Pennsylvania and has written since she was in the second grade. Her interests include yoga, cooking, and napping. During her free time, Lucy enjoys writing romance novels.

No More Secrets is a light, easy read with equal parts drama and humor. It is set in a small town in upstate New York and features a central theme of romance. It also touches on the plight of soldiers returning from active duty. While it is a romance novel, the story is also about the challenges faced by military personnel and the consequences of their actions.

The main characters are both interesting and realistic. Harper is cheerful and kind, while Luke has a dark and troubled past. Both are important to the story. They both want to make their lives happy, but they are torn apart by the burden of their past.

In this debut novel from Lucy Score, a journalist, Summer Lentz, wants to write an article about retired Army Ranger Carter Pierce. However, Carter is not in the mood for a journalist following him around town. Despite her newfound passion for him, Summer keeps a secret that may hinder their future together.

Adriana Locke

If you enjoy contemporary romance novels, you will love No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story by Adriana Locke. This novel centers on a small town and its people who discover that there is more to love than they ever imagined. Locke’s characters are ordinary people who find extraordinary love. Her writing style is a perfect blend of heart and humor. Locke’s favorite things are the changing fall colors, football, and all things pumpkin!

Locke is a mother of four and a writer. She writes contemporary romance novels, which are meant to make readers feel happy and safe. Her love of books led her to pursue writing as a career. She tries to balance her time between caring for her four children and writing novels. In addition to writing, Locke reads other authors’ books and reviews them. Locke lives in the Midwest with her husband and two sons. She enjoys exploring her city when the weather is nice. She also loves reading, cooking, and drinking coffee.

Locke loves interacting with her readers and spends a large amount of time on social media. Her personal website also features a section where she interacts with her readers. She loves to answer questions and hear what her readers have to say.

Adriana Locke has written a series of small town romance books, and this first book in the series, No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story, is a great choice for any reader who loves small town romance. It has realistic characters, small town settings, and a satisfying storyline.

Small town romances

No More Secrets is an easy-going read with equal parts drama and fun. It is set in a small, quaint upstate New York town and has a central theme of love and romance. It also touches on a major issue that affects many men returning from active duty: PTSD. This story will make you laugh, cry, and think.

The main character, Carter, doesn’t want to tell Summer that he’s in love with her. However, a few secrets can tear a couple apart. The book is published by That’s What She Said Publishing, Inc. and is available on Amazon and BingeBooks.

Summer Lentz is a reporter from New York. She has been assigned to write a piece on a farm in Blue Moon Bend. The owner of the farm, Cart Pierce, is an ex-Army man, but he is arguably the sexiest farmer in town. As the story unfolds, Summer and Cart are forced to decide if their feelings for each other are worth the risks, especially if it means revealing Summer’s secret.

Summer Lentz is out of place in this small town, with her designer wardrobe and workaholic lifestyle. Her presence threatens to disrupt Carter’s peace of mind. But her unexpected arrival in town thwarts her efforts to retreat, and in the end, she brings Carter closer to wholeness. Summer Lentz also has secrets of her own, and she doesn’t intend to open up to Carter at first, but gradually reveals her deepest, darkest secrets to him.

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No More Secrets is an easy and enjoyable read that is equal parts fun and drama. It’s set in a small, picturesque town in upstate New York. The central theme is romance, but the story also touches on issues such as PTSD, which affects a large percentage of men returning from active duty.

After Magnolia’s mother dies, she decides to go mail order to find a husband. The wealthy businessman she chooses doesn’t believe in caring for others. So, when a young cook from an orphanage is sent to him by her aunt, he is shocked. Now, he must decide if she measures up to him.

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Wall Street Journal bestseller

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story is a contemporary romance novel that is a perfect read for any fan of YA books. Henley moved to the Gulf Coast of Alabama without her grandmother and without much in her life, but she soon discovers that she can find more than she ever imagined in the small town. She meets Broody, a man who is more than he seems and makes her feel things deeper than she thought possible. Although Broody is an enigmatic character, he’s also a dangerous man, so she has to be wary of what he wants.

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Song is a fun and easy read that has equal parts drama and romance. It’s set in a beautiful, small-town town in upstate New York. Although it has a romantic theme at its heart, the story also touches on the issue of PTSD, a mental illness affecting a large population of men returning from active duty.

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