No More Secrets – A Small Town Love Story by Adriana Locke

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No More Secrets is a romance novel about a magazine journalist and a six-pack retired Army Ranger. Although it may sound like a mystery, this book is far from it. It’s actually a fast-paced romance novel about two unlikely lovers.

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No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story is an easy read with a wonderful mix of romance and drama. It takes place in a small, picturesque town in upstate New York. Aside from the central romance theme, the book also explores the issue of PTSD, which is a very common problem among men who return from active duty.

The plot revolves around a high-powered city girl who returns home and finds true love. This trope is common in small town romances, and the main characters usually have secondary characters who interfere in the main characters’ affairs. In addition, small towns often have a lot of world building, with side characters who meddle in the main characters’ lives.

The series is composed of six books, each one with a different plot. Each book is a stand-alone novel, but the overall series is an enjoyable collection of stories about the characters of Small Towns. The characters are realistic, with their own flaws, as well as believable relationships. This series also features a grumpy hero and a sunny heroine. The plot revolves around the characters’ relationships and how the families of these characters are growing and changing.

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Stories: Summer Lentz is an out of place journalist in a small town. She asks too many questions about Carter’s life and threatens to ruin his peace. She manages to pull Carter closer to a sense of wholeness, but she also has her own secrets. She never planned to become so involved with Carter, but she soon finds herself getting swept up in the community.


No More Secrets is a contemporary small town love story. It’s the first book in the Blue Moon series. Before I discuss the plot of the novel, let me give a brief synopsis of the characters. The main character is a former football star who returns to his hometown to reconnect with the girl he once rejected, but now has feelings for.

Summer Lentz is a freelance writer. She moves to Blue Moon Bend to write an article about an organic farm owned by Carter. She falls in love with him, but she has a secret that will make their future complicated. Summer has a difficult past. She feels that her father’s decision to cut off her school funding made her feel as if she doesn’t belong in her hometown.

Characters: No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Stories by Lucy Score focuses on the main characters of the book. They are all complex and have their own unique traits. Naomi’s sister is an ex-con, and Troy’s mother has a resemblance to her. While they have similar personalities, they don’t share the same beliefs. As such, their relationship is complex and complicated.

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story centers on a small town where love can happen. Two young women fall in love. One is a police officer, the other is a college student. The story follows the lives of the two as they navigate their way through life. The two have different backgrounds and personalities, but they both have a similar love story.


No More Secrets is the first book in the Blue Moon series, and it is a contemporary small-town love story. The plot revolves around a magazine journalist who falls in love with a six-pack retired Army Ranger. This romance novel is a light read, with equal parts drama and fun. The setting is a picturesque small town in upstate New York. Aside from the central romance plot, the book also touches on PTSD, a problem facing many men returning from active duty.

Carter Pierce and Summer Lentz are a newlywed couple who come to Summer’s hometown to spend the summer together. The young couple are eager to spend their time together working on the family farm. They have dinner together, and summer gets to meet the Pierce family. They also meet Carter’s parents and brother, and their horse trainer Joey. Later, they visit the Pierce family’s farm to see the animals. Summer gets to pet the pigs, and they even harvest lettuce. However, Summer doesn’t know her true feelings for Carter.

Summer Lentz is a journalist from New York, and she’s assigned to write a piece on the farm, Blue Moon Bend. While she tries to make the most of her time in the town, her invasive questions threaten to destroy Carter’s peace. But her curiosity and compassion for her newfound neighbor Carter end up bringing the two closer together. Summer, meanwhile, has a secret of her own that she’d never planned to share. But she ends up falling in love with Carter and his community.

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If you’re looking for a quick, easy read with equal parts romance and drama, you’ll enjoy No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story. Set in a small, picturesque town in upstate New York, this story has it all. Not only does it feature a central romance theme, but it also touches on PTSD, a disorder that plagues a large percentage of men who come home from active duty.

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Author Adriana Locke

The premise of Adriana Locke’s No More Secret – A Small Town Love Story is a simple one. In a small town in Georgia, a girl named Larissa meets a man named Hollis, who happens to be Hollis’ cousin. After a chance encounter, the two exchange contact numbers and decide to meet again. Then, their love stories begin.

Adriana Locke is a contemporary romance author. She was born in southern Indiana and has lived all over the United States. She’s written over twenty-five books and received rave reviews for her books. Her stories are about ordinary people finding extraordinary love. Her favorite time of year is fall, especially the cooler weather and football. She’s also an avid reader of the local newspaper, which she subscribes to.

The protagonist Taylor is a hard-working woman. Her life circumstances were stacked against her, but she did not want a handout. As a result, she worked hard to put her family in a better place. The author portrays her as a strong female character, and readers will find it difficult to dislike her. The small town love story trope is also present, but in this case, it’s more than just a typical love story.

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story is a must-read for romance fans. As an author of flawed, vulnerable heroes, Adriana Locke has created several series with damaged bad boys who end with love. Despite the fact that the story starts out with a climactic fight between the two main characters, the story does not end there.

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love story that is funny and sexy, No More Secrets is a great read for fans of both romance and parasolutely romantic books. It’s an enjoyable, quick read and will keep readers turning the pages.

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