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No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story by Lauren Myracle

Book summary of No More Secrets A Small Town Love Story

No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story by Lauren Myracle is a contemporary romance novel that follows a pair of best friends as they fall in love in a small town in Colorado. The story revolves around Lucy Score and Sammy Brown. Both of the main characters are very intelligent and well-read, which makes for a fun and entertaining read. Unlike most contemporary novels, though, the plot centers on the relationship between the two women and not just the romance between them.

Lucy Score

No More Secrets is a fun, light-hearted romance novel that takes place in a small picturesque town in upstate New York. A six-pack, retired Army Ranger, and his sweetheart are the central characters, but they’re not the only ones. The story also features a cast of quirky characters.

Lucy Miss Score is a pseudo-famous woman who has a penchant for writing. She penned a few standalone novels and coauthored several series. Her work has been featured in publications such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Besides writing, she’s also a former bartender, event planner, and yoga instructor. In addition to her work as a freelance writer, she is the owner of a popular Facebook group and a monthly newspaper.

She’s been writing since she was a kid, starting with short stories, essays, and blog posts. But it was her runaway bestseller, Pretend You’re Mine, that put her on the literary map. Since then, she’s been working on her next big thing. Hopefully, it’s as good as her first. If she’s not busy writing, she’s likely spending quality time with her husband and cats.

She’s a self-proclaimed bookworm. It’s not unusual for her to spend hours crafting a steamy romance story. As a result, her books are well-rounded and entertaining.

She’s also a savvy businesswoman, who has managed to write and publish a number of bestselling novels, including Bootleg Springs, Blue Moon, and the Blue Moon series. Her latest, No More Secrets, is a whirlwind of romance, wit, and oh-so-funny characters.

One of the more impressive feats of the novel is the way she ties her wacky characters together. This is especially true in the tense moments of her main plot line, when she’s chasing the handsome Ranger.

Romantic comedies

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Contemporary romance

If you’re looking for a contemporary romance with a small town twist, No More Secrets may be just what you’re looking for. This first book in the Blue Moon series will have you rooting for two characters to find love.

Throughout the story, you’ll follow Summer Lentz as she writes an article for a magazine. She’s in town to write about the organic farm owned by Carter Pierce. While she’s there, she meets Carter and falls in love. But secrets aren’t just keeping them apart.

Carter has a family that’s hard to leave behind. He has a brother, Beckett, and a mother, Phoebe. In addition to his siblings, Carter has a horse trainer, Joey. Despite his feelings, he’s reluctant to tell Summer about them.

The other characters in No More Secrets are also intriguing. Marley Score hasn’t had much luck in life. Her father left the town of Greer years ago. Now, she’s back in a town she grew up in and is trying to find a job.

Another main character is Blaze, a star football player. While he’s a surly grump, he’s also very sweet. When he helps his team win the national championship, he can’t help but feel infatuated with Charisma.

One of the best things about this book is the witty banter between the characters. You’ll laugh out loud at the absurd situations.

There’s also a mystery that’s bound to keep you guessing. Aside from the romantic element, you’ll get to learn more about the town of Wishing Tree, and the secrets that might be keeping people from finding love.

These are just a few of the small town romance books that are available in 2023. There are many more coming out in the future.


No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story by Lucy Score is an enjoyable small town romance story with lots of humor and an interesting concept. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary romantic comedies or not, you should definitely check this one out.

Summer Lentz is a city-dwelling journalist with a big city agenda who finds herself on a week-long stay at a local farmer’s farm. She hopes to write about the farm’s organic offerings for a magazine she’s working on. However, she doesn’t expect the farm owner to fall head over heels for her.

Carter Pierce is an organic farmer in Blue Moon Bend. He’s also a veteran and a vegetarian. As a farmer, Carter is a hero. His family is part of the farm’s family. Despite a broken leg, he’s a hot farmer. But he doesn’t want distractions. It’s not easy being the hero in your own town, and it’s not easy to keep a secret from your own family.

The best part of the story is how the characters interact. The farm is full of wacky characters and a few funky coincidences. And it’s all worth it when Carter and Summer realize they can become closer together.

This book is a fun read, and it’s a great first in a series about a small town in the country. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, Blue Moon Book 2.

Hopefully the author will write another novel in this series, because the characters and plot are intriguing. For now, I recommend this novel as a way to spend an evening. In fact, I could see myself recommending this to a friend who likes romance novels.


The author of No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story has mastered writing a series of articles and blogs. She grew up in a literary family and earned a degree in journalism. Now she writes full-time from her home in Pennsylvania. Her books are a popular bestseller on the Amazon Kindle Store.

She has a cat, Cleo, and a husband, Mr. Lucy. They live in a quiet, beautiful town in upstate New York. This is a place she adores. She loves spending time on the farm.

When her high school boyfriend left town after a car accident, Summer didn’t know how she’d ever get over him. But when she arrives in Blue Moon Bend to write an article about Carter Pierce’s organic farm, she’s suddenly caught up in an exciting and complicated romance.

In order to pay off her debts, she needs to make a fast buck. When she’s assigned to write a story about Carter, she has no idea she’ll fall in love with him. However, her feelings are complicated by the fact that he’s a former Army man, and she has no idea how that might affect her relationship with him.

This is an easy read with a lot of fun, equal parts drama and romance. You’ll enjoy the characters and their interactions.

No More Secrets is book one of the Blue Moon Series. It is a good choice if you’re looking for a romantic small town story. Though it isn’t a mystery, it does touch on PTSD. There are secondary characters, who meddle in the affairs of the main characters.

With a little sass, a little spice, and a little romance, this is a book you’ll want to keep in your collection.

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