Rich Dad Poor Dad

Is it worth reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

The premise of Rich Dad Poor Dad is a simple one. The author teaches readers how to spend money correctly and how to think about money the right way. Unfortunately, the world is set up for a consumer culture where more money = more things. By focusing on a different approach, readers can avoid being caught in the same cycle.

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is a financial expert who began learning about money at a young age. He grew up in Hawaii, a middle-class family. Growing up, he felt left out by his more affluent peers. As a teenager, he and a friend decided to learn about money. They talked with their dads and listened to financial professionals.

After publishing his first book, Kiyosaki went on to launch a company called Cashflow Technologies. He continues to market his brand and create educational seminars and workshops on financial prosperity. He is an active social media user and has a large YouTube following.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book written in the style of parables. Essentially, it teaches readers how to become rich by following the advice of Kiyosaki’s father, a self-made millionaire who became wealthy through hard work and savvy investing. But Kiyosaki’s dad is not the only example he draws from.

The book began with Mike, a character based on Robert Kiyosaki. Mike is nine years old when the book opens. He is frustrated with the rich kids at school and commiserates with his father. His father, a successful businessman, offers his son work for free and sets up a library to lend out comic books.

Interestingly, Kiyosaki’s father wasn’t poor – he lived down the street from him in Hilo, HI. Like his son, he had the same banker, but worked long hours building a successful empire of restaurants, warehouses, and a convenience store chain. He was a different height than his son, six feet tall and 200 pounds. He was also very different in the ethic department, having served three years in the Army and donating a lot of money to charity.

Robert Kiyosaki’s relationship with his father

Robert Kiyosaki was born in Hawaii in 1947. His parents were Japanese immigrants. He spent his early years in Hilo, where he attended Hilo High School and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. He subsequently served in the Vietnam War. In his early career, he focused on velcro wallets and bags. After his release from the military, he began pursuing the financial world.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father, Ralph H. Kiyosaki, had a relationship with his father and learned about money from his own father, who had a career in finance. Both father and son were financially literate, but their relationship was rocky. Robert’s father explained to them that stealing was a federal crime.

Robert Kiyosaki’s advice in Rich Dad Poor Dad

The advice Kiyosaki offers in Rich Dad Poor Dad can help you get your finances under control. Although some of his advice has received criticism, there are also a number of practical suggestions for people to follow. One of these suggestions is to save less than you spend. You can also use a budget to help you keep track of your expenses.

One of the best pieces of advice Robert Kiyosaki provides is to never spend more than you earn. This is especially important for people who are trying to build wealth. Even if the sum you earn is small, it can add up over time. It is important to remember that your financial future depends on how you use your money and time.

Robert Kiyosaki’s financial IQ

This latest book from Robert Kiyosaki is a guide to increase your financial IQ. The book focuses on five aspects of financial intelligence and how to develop them. It exposes some misconceptions about money and gives you tools to improve your financial knowledge. As a result, you’ll be on your way to becoming a smart entrepreneur.

The first area of financial intelligence is earning money. By acquiring a higher financial IQ, you can increase your income. Other areas of financial intelligence include budgeting and protecting your money.

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