Rich Dad Poor Dad – A Book Review

Is it worth reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki’s bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad explores the concept of how you can build your wealth, but the book isn’t exactly a how-to manual. Kiyosaki takes the advice of two important figures from his childhood – one represents his “rich” dad and the other his “poor” dad – and compares them side-by-side. The results are a very insightful and entertaining read.

Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book about financial independence written by Robert Kiyosaki. Robert was raised by two influential fathers who shaped his financial outlook as a young boy. Rich dad encouraged him to gain a wide range of life experiences and work in a variety of jobs. Poor dad, on the other hand, felt it was better to pursue a degree in a specific field and get a job with benefits at a big company.

Kiyosaki grew up with two “dads,” one was well educated and worked for the government. The other did not graduate from eighth grade and struggled with money. Both fathers instilled in his son a strong sense of work ethic and a determination to succeed. Kiyosaki believes that by studying the habits of successful people, you can emulate these traits and become financially independent.

As a teenager, Robert worked with his rich dad. He attended meetings and listened to professional speakers. He eventually learned that passion is a combination of love and anger. Fear is the main reason people are poor. It controls them and causes them to exploit themselves. Often, employees are disappointed in their paychecks after taxes.

Rich Dad was written 18 years ago. In the following years, it became a best seller on the New York Times. As a result, journalists converged on the author. In 2002, Kiyosaki responded to a journalist’s question of whether Rich Dad was based on reality by comparing it to Harry Potter. This created a firestorm of controversy. Many critics argued that there was no real Rich Dad. Others even demanded the book be moved to the fiction section.

Robert Kiyosaki is an example of a successful entrepreneur. He started his career at the age of twenty-five. But he resigned after six months. As a young man, he had the opportunity to work for a major corporation. He now owns several corporations and LLCs. He also has a large social media following. His YouTube channel has over a million subscribers. In addition, he is involved in joint ventures with seventeen companies.

Kiyosaki’s story is a compelling one. He grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, during the market crash in 1989. Real estate in the area was selling poorly and many people were reluctant to buy. As an adult, he jogged through a neighborhood with many for sale signs. But despite these challenges, he was able to transform that investment into a million dollar investment.

Sharon Lechter

The popular 1997 book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is a financial education guide that advocates financial independence. The book teaches readers how to build wealth through real estate investing, starting a business, and enhancing their financial intelligence. In this review, I will briefly outline some of the key components of the book, and give you a quick summary of the book’s core messages.

Sharon Lechter is a certified public accountant, author, and philanthropist. She has been a CPA for 35 years, and is a Chartered Global Management Accountant. She is an international champion of financial literacy education. In 2008, she was named a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. After graduating from Florida State University in 1979, Lechter started her career with a small accounting firm, where she met Robert Kiyosaki. Lechter went on to work for several unnamed companies and held various management positions.

Lechter, who had previously worked as a corporate executive for Rich Dad and Poor Dad, also wrote an annotated version of Outwitting the Devil, a classic book by Napoleon Hill. In addition to co-writing Rich Dad Poor Dad, Lechter has co-founded Pay Your Family First, a financial literacy education company.

Lechter’s career as a public speaker has allowed her to share her ideas with people in the media and on television. She has spoken on financial literacy around the world, and has been featured on CNN, Fox, and Forbes. Her work has been recognized by numerous awards and recognitions.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a valuable guidebook for parents and children. The authors explain the basics of investing and the ways to become wealthy. This book addresses the common misconception that owning a house means you are wealthy. They explain how assets and liabilities are different. The book outlines strategies for making money while having a house.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is an extremely popular book on wealth-building. It is written in the form of parables and is based on Robert Kiyosaki’s personal life, which is also his best friend’s father. In addition, this book teaches that hard work and entrepreneurship can make you rich, and you don’t have to earn a fortune.