Rich Dad Poor Dad – A Book Review

Is it worth reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book has been a great success, inspiring millions to better understand finance and money. However, the book has generated a lot of controversy – both about the author and the story. However, many people still believe that the advice contained in the book is valuable. We’ll discuss some of the main points in this review. First, let’s discuss Robert Kiyosaki’s background. What is his father’s financial situation?

Robert Kiyosaki

In Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Father, Poor Son, he tells the story of his biological father, who earned a degree from a prestigious university, but had no real business experience. This contrasts with the story of another rich father, whose friend never finished high school and became rich by being his own boss. Robert Kiyosaki grew up with similar beliefs about money, but was able to change them to become very wealthy.

Rich Father, Poor Father is a classic book about the importance of financial literacy and independence. The authors make a case for increasing financial intelligence and understanding the differences between a ‘rich’ and a ‘poor’ parent. This book will make you more savvy when it comes to personal finance and financial freedom. Rich Dad Poor Dad will help you develop your personal financial literacy by introducing you to a wealth-building method that is proven to be successful.

Robert Kiyosaki’s friend

Known for his popular book Rich Dad, Poor Father, Robert Kiyosaki is a multi-millionaire. He joined the Marines in 1972 and served in Vietnam. He earned the Air Medal for his bravery in the war. After the war, he became unemployed and decided to drop out of his MBA program to attend a three-day real estate investing course. It was during that time that Kiyosaki decided to make the leap to financial freedom.

Throughout the book, Mike realizes his role and that he and his father both know the importance of money. Kiyosaki’s father taught him about money by employing him for free in one of his superettes. He listened to his father’s advice and kept his eyes open. Kiyosaki identifies a source for free comic books, which he later sells to make money. The business, however, is interrupted by a group of bullies.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

As the title suggests, Robert Kiyosaki’s father taught him to make money at a young age by giving him a small amount of money to buy a car. While he was only nine years old, Kiyosaki realized that he was a gifted writer. He later learned that he had made some money by investing in stocks, but had lost $2,000 of it. That’s where the title comes from – he said, “I had learned about taxes from my father.”

Kiyosaki’s biological father had a similar work ethic as his friend’s, and both believed in the value of financial education and learning how money works. Kiyosaki’s best friend’s father, a millionaire, offered to tutor his son and teach him how to make money. The father agreed to give him a basic job at a local grocery store. Although Kiyosaki had to skip softball games in order to learn about the book’s concepts, he never complained.

Robert Kiyosaki’s perspective on money

Growing up poor, Robert Kiyosaki was constantly thinking about how he could make money. He recalled that his poor dad told him to ask for 25 cents an hour, and if he was not given the raise, he would quit. So, he did. His poor dad arranged for them to meet, and the two began to learn about money and business. After learning about the law of counterfeiting from his dad, Kiyosaki began to change his life.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad first appeared in 2003. At the time, three stock market crashes had taken place in 30 years. Kiyosaki advocated paying taxes at fifty percent and investing the other half in income-generating assets. After all, the real rich never pay taxes. Their wealth is generated entirely by income-generating assets, such as real estate. Kiyosaki’s perspective on money is both practical and inspirational.

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