Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary

If you are familiar with the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, you may already know how the author influenced the lives of his sons. His principles included working hard and saving money, investing in real estate, and demanding what they wanted. As a result, his sons were able to achieve the lifestyle they have always wanted.

Rich Dad taught his sons to demand what they deserve

Throughout the book, Rich Dad teaches his sons how to demand what they deserve. He makes it clear that passion and anger are two essential ingredients in life. Typically, we don’t demand what we want because we’re afraid of what it might mean to our career or to our finances. Instead, we accept less than we deserve, and that’s because we’re ruled by fear, which makes us slaves to work.

Rich Dad, or Richard Kimi, is a businessman from the local area who has learned to demand what he deserves by pursuing his passion. Unlike his sons, he has never depended on someone else to provide for him, or on anyone else’s money. The first rule of being rich, taught by Robert Kiyosaki, is that earning money shouldn’t depend on someone else’s money.

In a recent interview with Alan Kimi, Rich Dad’s author confirmed that Richard Kimi was the inspiration for the book, and that his family always tried to maintain privacy. Despite their privacy, Kiyosaki emphasized that his father’s life was full of important lessons. He grew up learning to demand what he deserves, and the book teaches his sons to do the same.

He taught them to work hard

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a motivational book that explains how to become financially independent. Robert Kiyosaki’s book explains that the key to becoming rich is to work hard and build a business. Rich Dad Poor Dad explains this in a unique and powerful way.

As the boys grew older, they learned the truth about money. Their father taught them that working hard is the best way to build wealth. Most people are stuck in jobs they hate and earning too little money. However, Rich Dad showed the boys that hard work would eventually lead them to the wealth they crave.

Rich Dad’s story is one of many that shows the importance of education and hard work in building wealth. His biological father was an educated man but could not teach his son how to get rich. But, his best friend’s dad had a business empire and he was willing to teach his son how to earn money. While working for his business, Robert was unhappy because he was not being paid much. His job paid only 10 cents per hour. While this was an extremely low wage, it gave him an opportunity to learn more about work and what it takes to succeed.

He taught them to save money

Millions of people have read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and it has taught them a lot about money and how to manage it. While there are many positive aspects to the book, it may not be right for everyone. It has also caused a great deal of controversy, both about the author and the story itself. Still, many people feel that the advice in the book is very sound and will help them achieve financial freedom.

Rich Dad explained that his sons had to learn not to be controlled by greed and fear, because most people are. We are often urged to finish school, get a secure career, and save money. But, in reality, these efforts usually don’t do much to solve our financial problems. Even if we get a pay raise, we can still be broke within a few years.

Although Rich Dad Poor Dad is a short book, it does not detail every step in the path to wealth. However, it makes many important points that many people fail to consider. The book will help you become more educated about money, and it will also help you redefine your expectations of success. Robert Kiyosaki’s experiences as a kid led him to develop a different mindset towards money and success.

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