Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary

The Rich Dad Poor Dad book is a great read for anyone who is interested in personal finance, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Among the many topics covered in the book is the life of Robert Kiyosaki’s father. The book is written in a straightforward, non-preachy style.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book about financial independence by Robert Kiyosaki. It focuses on how to become financially independent and create wealth. It teaches two young boys how to earn and invest their money wisely. This is a book that anyone can benefit from. This book is also available as an audiobook. You can download it for free on Amazon.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a motivational book written by Robert Kiyosaki. Kiyosaki modeled his character after his real-life father. Both fathers shared the same work ethic, and both believed in financial education and learning how money works. The real Rich Dad became a millionaire, even though he was only in eighth grade at the time. In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki shares six lessons from his father that he can apply to his own life to be financially successful.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book that will change your mindset and refresh your financial foundation. The book contains ten chapters plus an introduction. In this Rich Dad Poor Dad book review, I’ll focus on the first six lessons. The author’s style is easy to follow, and he deconstructs the myths surrounding money and helps readers develop the skills needed to build a stable financial future.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a classic in the personal finance genre. It will change the way you think about money and will change the way you feel about your future. It will make you feel more secure and confident in your financial future. So get ready to make this classic read a part of your financial education!

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

The father in Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is not a real person. Kiyosaki writes that he had two “dads” growing up. His biological father and his friend’s father. His poor dad was a well-educated man who worked for the government. He encouraged his son to get a good education and work his way up the corporate ladder. He also valued job security.

His father taught the boys about money through practical experiences. As a boy, Robert Kiyosaki worked for a job that didn’t pay him enough. Like most people, Robert was tired of working for little pay. He eventually learned that the truth was that most people don’t make enough money to change their lives, even with a higher income.

Robert Kiyosaki’s biological father was educated, but could not teach his son how to become rich. Eventually, he sought out a mentor in his best friend’s dad, a rich man who was building a business empire. He agreed to teach Kiyosaki the skills he needed to become wealthy. He took basic jobs at small supermarkets and skipped his softball games.

The father in Rich Dad Poor Dad lived in Hilo, Hawaii, just down the street from Robert Kiyosaki’s father. They had the same banker, and both fathers worked long hours to build their empire. Their fathers owned construction companies, restaurants, and even a convenience store chain. Rich Dad was taller and heavier than Poor Dad and had a different ethic than his son. He was an Army veteran and had a charitable side.

The father in Rich Dad Poor Dad also claims to own the best real estate in Hawaii. However, this claim is a myth. In the late eighties, he lived in a neighborhood filled with gingerbread houses and for sale signs. He made his fortune with just a $5000 down payment.

Kiyosaki’s father was a millionaire before his book was published. His father was called Richard Kimi and is a real person. He is still alive today and has a net worth of about $80 million. He has a number of classes available, and he is also a self-help author.