Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary

Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary

If you’ve read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, you’ve probably heard of its author and the story behind the book. But do you know about the author’s father? If not, you’re missing out. Here is our Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary: He was a poor father who thought he’d never be rich. He spent his days worrying about Social Security, vacations, sick leaves, company insurance, and salary raises. His life seemed stuck in the Rat Race.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book is a fascinating look at the differences between a rich and a poor dad’s approach to money and success. The author Robert Kiyosaki’s experiences as a child with two different fathers, one of whom was a Ph.D. and another who never finished eighth grade, were the inspiration behind this book. While each father has his own unique traits, one of them was more financially literate than the other. In this way, the reader can learn from each parent and determine which approach to money makes the most sense.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is an autobiography and personal advice book that compares the lives of a rich and a poor father. The book details differences between the two and lays out the steps required to achieve financial independence. While not a comprehensive financial planner, it does offer practical tips on saving money, understanding your tax code, and understanding the legal system.

Rich Dad Poor Dad contains ten chapters, plus the introduction. We will look at the first six lessons. Robert Kiyosaki’s book is a modern classic of personal finance. While it often takes criticism, it has sold more than 32 million copies. Kiyosaki explains the difference between a rich and a poor mindset by sharing his own experiences with two different fathers. One father was highly intelligent and educated, while the other didn’t even finish eighth grade. Nonetheless, both fathers were influential in their own way.

One of the lessons taught by Rich Dad is that people must be able to manage their own emotions. While specialization makes sense for some people, it is not for everyone. In fact, many people do not feel confident in their abilities because of fear.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a fascinating, educational book that compares and contrasts the mindset of rich and poor people. Robert Kiyosaki traces his father’s path from a high school dropout to a successful businessman. His father’s unconventional career choice gave him the opportunity to learn about money management from an educated man. In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert explores some of the major lessons that his father taught him.

The first rich-dad lesson comes from a personal experience. Robert’s biological father had a Ph.D. but was not able to teach his son how to become rich. His best friend’s father, who also had a thriving business empire, was willing to teach his son about money and business. Kiyosaki recalled one incident where two boys tried to counterfeit nickels by melting toothpaste tubes. Kiyosaki explained that this was illegal, but his dad knew that it was a smart idea. It taught him that most people were stuck in jobs that they did not like and were paid too little.

The other lesson from Robert Kiyosaki’s father is that we should be willing to use our anger. Anger and love go hand-in-hand. We often find ourselves working under a cloak of fear. This fear is often the reason we’re disappointed in our paychecks after paying taxes.

Mike’s father

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book that examines how one family’s financial situation can lead to another. The author draws on his own experience and that of his childhood friend Mike. Mike’s father owned a chain of superettes, which were mid-century counterparts of today’s convenience stores. Though Mike’s father did not complete high school, he grew to become one of Hawaii’s richest men and bequeathed his fortune to his son when he passed away. However, the advice that Mike received from his father was far different from the advice of his poor father.

The book begins with a real life incident. In a real life example, Mike’s father offers his son a job as a janitor. After a few weeks, Mike’s father cuts his pay, telling him to work for free. Eventually, Kiyosaki and Mike meet with Mike’s father, who apologizes for the pay cut. Kiyosaki learns that life pushes us around and we need to learn from this experience.

The father of Rich Dad, Robert, had a diverse background, having worked in a variety of fields. He had a background in construction, sales, reservations, and marketing. He also had experience in the military. In fact, his father served in the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and he graduated in 1969 as a deck officer with a Bachelor of Science degree. He eventually left the Marines and took a job with Standard Oil.

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