Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary

Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary

You’ve probably heard of Rich Dad Poor Man and its author Robert Kiyosaki, but do you know what this book is about? If you aren’t sure what the book is about, keep reading for a rich dad’s take on entrepreneurship. In this Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary, you’ll find Robert Kiyosaki’s informal notes and favorite quotes. Then, you’ll be able to judge whether this book is right for you.

Robert Kiyosaki

The advice that comes from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Father and Poor Father has become a cliché in the world of finance. Millions of people have made millions of dollars and lost them all because of the advice contained in these books. But Kiyosaki’s advice may not be for everyone. This book may not be the most inspiring, and some readers may not agree with all of its advice.

The premise of the book comes from the author’s own life experiences. He grew up with two fathers: one who was well-educated and finished his undergraduate degree in two years. The other didn’t finish eighth grade and struggled with money. Kiyosaki’s rich father eventually agreed to teach him how to make money. After graduating from college, he took a job working at a small grocery store and later became one of the richest men in Hawaii. The work was boring and he missed his softball game.

While he was still a child, Kiyosaki’s father had a similar experience. The father of his friend, Mike, had been rich for a while, but had been a poor student. In order to make money, Kiyosaki and his friend brainstormed different ways to earn money. Their first project didn’t work out, and wasn’t legal. The boys had to melt toothpaste tubes to create counterfeit nickels. But, when their father told them it wasn’t legal, they understood the importance of a good education in finance.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

When Robert Kiyosaki was a young man, he asked his father for advice on how to get rich. His father advised him to stay in school. However, he knew that this was “bullshit” after seeing his best friend’s father, who was very wealthy and did not have a university degree. Kiyosaki then decided to learn about how to make money, and took a job at a local grocery store. This was not the kind of job he’d want to do, especially since he had to miss his softball games.

At nine years old, Robert Kiyosaki and his friend Mike started a counterfeit nickel-making business in Hawaii. They used lead toothpaste tubes as molds and produced nickles with plaster molds. However, the company’s founder’s father discovered this business and cut Kiyosaki’s pay. But Robert and Mike’s father met the two boys individually, and the father offered them a moral lesson and a pay raise.

In Rich, the wealthy father does not let the government tax them. It is part of their formula. Passion and anger are two sides of the same coin. The rich don’t let the government tax them, and so they don’t let anyone else. They follow their father’s path and build an asset column. Robert also invests in Hawaii real estate, and works harder to sell Xerox machines.

Michael Kiyosaki

If you are looking for a concise summary of Michael Kiyosaki’s book, then look no further. This book teaches you how to build a business, create financial independence, and own property. Robert Kiyosaki drew from his own experiences and life experiences to come up with a concise summary of the book. In this Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary, we’ll look at how you can apply these lessons to your own financial future.

Kiyosaki’s story is a classic example of the power of a simple plan to change your life for the better. As a young boy, Kiyosaki and his friend Mike dreamed of being rich. Then, one day, their father caught them melting down their toothpaste tubes into counterfeit nickels. They learned to be careful about their actions, because it was illegal. The father told the boys that Mike’s dad knew how to make money. They were awestruck.

Throughout the book, Kiyosaki teaches his readers how to seize opportunities and manage their business and investments. He says that the key to building wealth is to take advantage of opportunities. After all, this is the only way to create a large net worth. And the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary shares his own personal story of how he used a small business to create his own wealth.