Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary

Rich Dad Poor Dad book summary

There are many different ways to read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. You can choose to listen to the audiobook or purchase the book. Both of these options are available for free on Amazon. The audiobook was updated on 18/2/2022. It is written in easy-to-read prose.

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki’s 1997 book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, aims to empower people with financial literacy and independence through asset-building strategies, real estate investing, and starting a business. It focuses on the importance of increasing financial intelligence and financial independence to avoid a life of poverty. While the book is not an all-in-one solution, it can be a useful guide in the quest for financial independence.

The book teaches readers to build wealth by identifying your own values, taking control of your finances, and using them to your advantage. Kiyosaki describes his own experiences with his own fathers. One father was highly educated and had achieved his undergraduate degree in two years. The other didn’t finish high school and struggled with money. Despite these differences, both fathers’ values were the same: they both valued hard work and financial security.

At just nine years old, Robert Kiyosaki and his friend, Mike, both wanted to become rich. One day, their fathers met, and Kiyosaki was forced to wait for over an hour. Afterwards, he decided to go to the rich father’s house and ask for a raise.

In his video, Kiyosaki explains the concept of assets and liabilities. People usually confuse liabilities with assets. Robert Kiyosaki controversially states that houses aren’t assets because they don’t produce income. This misconception has led to many people buying the biggest home they can afford and not having any money left to invest in assets. Fortunately, Kiyosaki explained his concept in an easy-to-understand video. Kiyosaki emphasises the importance of keeping expenses to a minimum and buying assets instead of liabilities.

Robert Kiyosaki’s real estate investing story illustrates this concept. His success story demonstrates how he turned a $5,000 down payment into a million dollar investment. He lived in Portland, Oregon, after the market crash of 1989, when real estate was not selling well. He would often jog through the neighborhood where gingerbread houses stood and for sale signs lined the streets.

Robert Kiyosaki began writing his book while marketing the CASHFLOW 101 board game. The brochure Kiyosaki wrote for the game eventually became the basis of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. Kiyosaki self-published the book and used his connections to promote it. After writing the book, he became a successful salesperson.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

Robert Kiyosaki’s biological father was a Stanford PhD who followed a traditional career path and had never heard of the idea of making money through business. When Robert was in his mid-twenties, he was working at a Xerox company. His bosses talked about promotions and pay raises but also talked about the increasing deductions from his paycheck. He realized that he needed to follow in his father’s footsteps and decided to work harder.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki traces his own experiences with his own father’s advice and explains how he learned to become a millionaire by following the same principles his father had. The books are full of helpful advice that can help readers improve their finances. Although they are written from a fictional perspective, the messages are applicable to real life, even if you’re not an investor.

While Robert Kiyosaki’s father was able to accumulate substantial wealth by working in many different jobs, he failed to invest that money wisely. Rather, he spent it on a variety of assets and tried various types of jobs. This approach to building a portfolio helped him build his assets and become financially independent.

The book is a good read if you want to learn about the mindsets of the rich and poor. Kiyosaki teaches us that the rich have a different perspective than those of the poor. The rich are often happier with their success, but they often struggle to handle fear and other negative emotions that come along with it.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father was also a successful real estate investor, who turned a small down payment into a million-dollar investment. He had a home in Portland, Oregon after the 1989 market crash, but the area was suffering. He often jogged through a neighborhood full of gingerbread houses and for sale signs. The homes he bought for $60,000 were sold within minutes, and he paid only a $2,500 processing fee.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father is a real person who inspired his book. Richard Kimi is the father of the author’s father Alan, and he said that his father had been an inspiration to the author. As a writer, you should check all sources and make sure your sources are accurate.

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