Rich Dad Poor Dad – Is it Worth Reading?

While it’s true that Robert Kiyosaki isn’t the most brilliant financial mind in the world, he has a great financial IQ, and his father’s perspective on money is worth considering. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great book, but there are some important points that you need to know before diving into it. We’ll talk about Kiyosaki’s father and how he learned to manage his money.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

When Robert Kiyosaki was nine years old, his friend Mike longed to be rich. His father discovered the two boys melting toothpaste tubes into fake nickels. After telling the boys that this was against the law, Kiyosaki convinced his dad to help them become rich. They agreed to go to school, get a job in a small supermarket, and learn about business from their rich friend.

As a young boy, Robert Kiyosaki’s father told him that the best way to be rich is to get an education, but he didn’t believe him. In fact, he knew this was “bullshit,” since his friend’s father was a very wealthy man without a university degree. In addition, Kiyosaki developed a newfound understanding of passive income – a form of income that doesn’t require any work.

Robert Kiyosaki’s perspective on money

Robert Kiyosaki’s perspective towards money began when he was just nine years old. His poor father told him to demand 25 cents an hour for his work, and if he wasn’t given that, he would quit. Kiyosaki did so, and his father eventually found them melting down lead toothpaste tubes into nickels. After a long wait, they eventually made their first million.

Throughout his life, Robert Kiyosaki was constantly reminded of his poor father. His biological father had a Ph.D. and an MBA, but was not able to teach his son how to be rich. So, he found a mentor in the father of his best friend. Rich Dad was working on a massive business empire, and he agreed to teach his son how to earn a living. The two boys worked at a local grocery store and missed softball games to learn about business.

One of the first lessons Robert Kiyosaki teaches is that you shouldn’t confuse assets and liabilities. Most people confuse assets and liabilities. Robert Kiyosaki argues that houses are not assets, as they increase in value but don’t provide income. Unfortunately, many people buy the most expensive house they can afford, but they don’t have the money to invest in real assets. To learn about the differences between assets and liabilities, watch Robert Kiyosaki’s video below.

Robert Kiyosaki’s financial IQ

The author of “Robert Kiyosaki’s financial quotient” has enriched the lives of many people around the world. His latest book stresses the importance of financial IQ and financial education. Today’s economic climate is challenging – inflation is high, health care costs are rising, and many investors are losing their properties. In this book, Kiyosaki covers everything from the psychology of money to the power of financial environments.

His books are known for their simple yet effective approaches to wealth creation and wealth preservation. Unlike the highly regarded “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book series, “Increase Your Financial IQ” is easy to read and understand, and offers clear, actionable advice for anyone seeking to improve their finances. The authors have a wealth of experience in the field, and he does not shy away from sharing his own stories.

Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad

A book called Rich Dad Poor Father is a practical guide to wealth-building that will change your mindset and act as a motivating reminder. Rich Dad Poor Father is written in an approachable style that breaks down the myths that surround money and outlines a systematic approach to financial success. This book is available in many different languages and contains more than three hundred pages of insightful advice.

Rich fathers don’t just walk into the office; they learn through experiences. Robert Kiyosaki, who grew up in Hawaii, had two fathers: one with a Ph.D., and another who did not complete his eighth grade. Interestingly, both fathers were struggling with money and had very different approaches to wealth. Rich dad was the most educated of the two, while poor dad struggled for years.

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