Rich Dad Poor Dad – Is it Worth Reading?

Is it worth reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book that is largely considered to be a guru for many people, especially those who are interested in business and entrepreneurship. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book, has had success in his field, and has been a prominent figure in the world of business for years. However, do you have to read this book to succeed in your own entrepreneurial ventures?


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is a book about a man’s journey to becoming rich. The story is based on the author’s personal experiences with both of his fathers.

It is a popular and influential book that has sold millions of copies worldwide. In fact, it is one of the best-selling financial books of all time.

The book’s most impressive claims are centered on the author’s experiences with both of his parents. As a result, he has a wealth of insights to share. This is why the book is a good read for anyone.

Although the book is based on the author’s own life, it doesn’t necessarily explain how to implement its recommendations. Instead, the book takes a ‘parable’ approach, in which the author uses several examples to drive home his points.

The author uses this approach to highlight his pro-capitalist stance. Specifically, he wants his children to know that they must work for themselves.


Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the best selling personal finance books of all time. The book is a must read for anyone seeking to increase their wealth. It is a collection of ten lessons plus an introduction.

First, the book covers the complexities of investing. In the end, it is up to the reader to decide whether or not they are ready to take their financial future into their own hands. Whether they choose to go down the path of investing in stocks, real estate or gold, they have to understand that they can’t do it all on their own.

Secondly, the book tells you how to find the best financial opportunities and avoid those that don’t. This includes learning how to manage your spending and acquiring assets that will help you earn an income.

Finally, the book teaches you about the financial functions of life, including how to save and invest. Not only that, but it also explains how to use money to your advantage.

Robert Kiyosaki’s influencers

Robert Kiyosaki is one of the most popular and influential financial educators in history. He is best known for writing the bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad.

He is also an entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of the Rich Dad Company. His company teaches people how to get out of the rat race and become financially free.

Kiyosaki was born in 1947 on Hawaii Island. He studied at the United States Merchant Marine Academy and graduated from the University of Hawaii at Hilo MBA program. He worked as a sales associate at Xerox until 1978.

In 1997, he published his first book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” It became a huge hit. He has since written 26 books and co-authored two books with Donald Trump.

During his years in the military, he served as a helicopter gunship pilot. As a Marine, he realised that many people in the United States were lazy and did not care about money.

Robert Kiyosaki’s biggest successes

Robert Kiyosaki is a best-selling author. He is also a consultant, investor and speaker. In Rich Dad Poor Dad, he talks about the different ways you can become financially independent.

In his book, he says that the secret to being rich is to control your cash flow. He suggests that you invest in real estate and start businesses. You can also use a corporation to deduct health club expenses or write off vacations as board meetings.

In the book, he also discusses the four main components of a financial IQ: accounting, law, market law and investment strategy. However, he doesn’t go into much detail on the risks of business ownership.

One of the reasons that people are poor is because they spend their money incorrectly. Another reason is because they have high incomes but still have trouble managing their finances.

As a child, he wanted to play baseball. His father encouraged him to get a good education.