Rich Dad Poor Father by Robert Kiyosaki

Is it worth reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

Before you read Rich Father, Poor Father, you should know a little bit about Robert Kiyosaki, his father, and his perspective on money. While this book is unique, it does offer some valuable insights. Here are some of the things that Kiyosaki highlights in the book. First, it’s important to understand that most people start as employees. They make money for their employer, but they don’t decide their pay rate.

Robert Kiyosaki

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the differences between the rich and poor, you may be curious about Rich Dad Poor Father by Robert Kiyosaki. The book’s title explains the difference in mindsets between the rich and the poor. During the book’s first chapter, we meet the fictional Rich Dad. His values are similar to Kiyosaki’s own, and he also believes that financial education and understanding how money works are important components of success. Although the rich dad of the book is fictional, Kiyosaki’s son, Alan, did interview him about the differences between the two.

Kiyosaki grew up in Hawaii. He went to an elementary school that was primarily comprised of wealthy students. The wealthy children played with newer toys, and he was ignored at every turn. In fact, he was told by wealthy children that he was poor and that they would never invite him to their parties. Because of this experience, he has spent most of his life trying to prove he is rich enough to invite his friends to parties. This has resulted in the success of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

In contrast, Robert Kiyosaki’s own experiences are incredibly motivating. While he was employed at a Xerox company, he would constantly hear his bosses talking about promotions and pay raises and how deductions were going up. This led him to realize that he needed to follow the path of the rich dad, and began to build a personal asset column and invest in real estate in Hawaii. Besides, he was able to pay more attention to his business.

In the book, Kiyosaki shows that anyone can become rich if they apply a little bit of common sense. He uses real life examples of wealthy people who use these strategies. He pays renters to increase their cash flow. Then, he buys properties from desperate sellers. All of this is done with a minimal investment, and a little money. The book is a must read for those who want to learn more about how to build wealth.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

In his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Father,” Robert Kiyosaki writes about his two fathers – one, a Stanford-educated PhD, and one, a working-class man who didn’t finish eighth grade. Although both men struggled with money, Robert’s father represented the traditional view of money. In contrast, his rich father emphasized the value of hard work and a passion for learning.

Like Kiyosaki’s own father, Richard Kimi never wanted to build a hotel of giant proportions. Instead, he was aiming to serve the needs of both the budget traveler and the locals. He also pioneered the use of tool-free phone numbers to make reservations. He also put together air, room, and car packages. Today, the organization is run by Kimi’s son, Alan.

The first Rich-Dad-Poor-Dad lesson involves the use of passion and anger. Both emotions can be a powerful combination. Robert Kiyosaki’s father explained that “passion is the intersection of love and anger.”

The father’s motivation for giving his son money was to teach him how to invest. He gave his son $3,000 to buy a car, but he couldn’t use the cash directly. He tried to teach him about investing, but soon found himself in financial trouble and lost his $2,000 in the process. This was the beginning of his investment career. However, he eventually made his fortune by using the techniques of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett.

His dad also taught him not to specialize in any one field. He encouraged him to attend meetings, work in different areas, and learn about every aspect of building an empire. Kiyosaki was nine when he created his first company. Today, Robert Kiyosaki has many successful companies under his belt. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad is an excellent source of advice for anyone who wants to build wealth and financial security.

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