Rich Dad Poor Father? By Robert Kiyosaki

Is it worth reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

Is it worth reading Rich Dad Poor Father? By Robert Kiyosaki? Yes, but first, let’s discuss the book’s fathers. We’ll talk about what made them rich, what helped them succeed, and how they view money. After that, we’ll move on to what the book has to offer for beginners. As a bonus, we’ll discuss reselling the book on Ebay and Amazon. You can keep it if you like it, too!

Rich Dad Poor Dad

If you want to learn more about finance and investing, Rich Dad Poor Dad is the book for you. Robert Kiyosaki had two father figures in his life, one of whom was his biological dad, and the other his best friend’s father. While his real father did not have a wealth of money, he exhibited the same work ethic as his fictional dad. So how does this book help you make more money?

While there are many good points to the book, it is not a perfect one for everyone. Although it may not be the right book for everyone, it has many valuable lessons for those interested in finances and money. Despite the fact that it has generated much controversy, most people will have picked up on the core concepts in less than half the book’s pages. You should not let the negatives get in the way of the positives.

Robert Kiyosaki

The author Robert Kiyosaki is a self-made millionaire. His two influential fathers, an uncle and a businessman, shaped his financial mindset when he was a boy. He equated ‘poor’ with always struggling to pay bills, but later realized that it can even apply to those with university degrees. He then devoted his life to creating assets that didn’t require any work in order to earn a living.

When he was nine, Kiyosaki’s biological father didn’t know how to make money, so he had to find a mentor. His best friend’s father, the “Rich Dad,” had a business empire and decided to teach his son how to make money. His father offered to pay him ten cents an hour for three hours every Saturday. The boy agreed and the two bonded over their mutual desire to become rich.

Robert Kiyosaki’s fathers

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, author Robert Kiyosaki reveals that he is the son of two successful businessmen. One father had a Ph.D., and the other completed an undergraduate degree in two years. Both had a difficult time with money, but one later went on to become the richest man in Hawaii. Robert often compares himself and his fathers to one another and their own experiences. He points out that both men were struggling with money early in their lives, but both fathers’ wealth grew over time.

Kiyosaki traces his roots to a Japanese American father. His father wanted to teach his son how to earn money, so he gave him $3,000 to invest in a car. He had to purchase the car indirectly and lost $2,000 on his first stock market investment. His heroes include George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Peter Lynch. His father’s money-making ideas have helped many people achieve their financial goals.

Robert Kiyosaki’s perspective on money

When reading about Robert Kiyosaki’s money-making techniques, you’ll want to understand that he had two very different father figures. His “poor” father didn’t finish high school, and his “rich” father did. One had a Ph.D. and a degree from a prestigious university, while the other never even finished the eighth grade. Despite his two different backgrounds, Kiyosaki grew up in a family that valued education and security above all else.

The Rich Dad in Kiyosaki’s book is based on the real-life experience of his childhood friend. His real father believed in financial education, and in knowing how to make money. The result? Kiyosaki became a millionaire and his father, a mediocre eighth grade dropout, couldn’t have been prouder of his son. As a child, Kiyosaki’s dad never taxed him and, eventually, he was able to pass along the wealth he had accumulated.