Rich Dad Poor Father – Is it Worth Reading?

Is it worth reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

If you’ve read the book Rich Dad Poor Father, you’ve probably heard of its title and gotten curious about the author’s background. As a young boy, Kiyosaki worked for his father as an electrician. Those were tough times for him and he learned valuable lessons from his father. He also explains why he’s successful in life, and how he managed to keep up with his father’s success.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father

In Rich Dad Poor Mom, Robert Kiyosaki explains to us the difference between a rich man and a poor man by examining his own financial background. Robert’s father was a poor man when he was young, but he soon learned the secrets to becoming rich. In Rich Dad Poor Mom, Robert explains the importance of separating assets from liabilities. The poor man’s money goes to a pile of liabilities that cost him money to maintain, while the rich man uses that money to purchase income-generating assets.

Like many other rich men, Richard Kimi did not pursue an expensive university education or a Ph.D. He instead specialized in small hotels that served the needs of both budget travelers and locals. In fact, his hotels were pioneering innovations like making reservations with fax numbers and toll free numbers. They were also among the first to offer air, room, and car packages. Today, his organization is run by his son, Alan Kimi.

In Rich, Kiyosaki’s father, Mike, met with his son, Robert, and offered to pay him 10 cents an hour for three hours on Saturdays. Kiyosaki was surprised by the offer and ended up getting paid sixty minutes more than he expected! After that, the two men became friends. Despite the differences between Mike and his father, the two men are now both successful and wealthy.

Robert Kiyosaki’s rich father

When Robert Kiyosaki was growing up, he was surrounded by money and financial problems. He had two fathers, one who had a Ph.D. and completed his undergraduate degree in two years. His other father didn’t finish high school and struggled with money, but managed to become the richest man in Hawaii. Throughout his life, Robert compared his fathers, pointing out that while they had very different financial backgrounds, both fathers were facing tough times when they were young.

While the real Rich Dad may not be as obnoxious as Kiyosaki’s fictional one, he certainly influenced the author’s philosophy. In Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki compares the experiences of his best friend with that of his own father. His dad, Richard Kimi, believed in financial education and understood the workings of money. The real Rich Dad became a millionaire, despite the fact that his son had an eighth grade education. Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad describes six lessons that he learned from his rich father.

The rich father’s approach is not about chasing after a single income, but instead combining it with other forms of income. He suggests acquiring a second job that allows him to use a new skill. As the average American ages, he often fears running out of money before he dies. Kiyosaki’s rich father’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of building income-generating assets in addition to spending money on luxuries.

Robert Kiyosaki’s poor father

In his book, Rich Dad, Poor Father, Robert Kiyosaki compares his father to a rich man he knows. The rich man has a Ph.D. and completed his undergraduate degree in two years. The poor man never finished grade school. Despite the disparity in education and wealth, the rich man’s father is the best friend of Robert Kiyosaki. During the early years of their careers, both fathers were struggling with money and he learned how to handle money in a way that his father never did.

While working at a factory, Robert Kiyosaki and his father brainstormed ways to earn money. Their first project, casting nickels out of lead, was not profitable, nor was it legal. During this time, Robert Kiyosaki’s poor father explained the laws of counterfeiting so that the young man could avoid any future trouble. The poor father wanted his son to become rich and sold him the entire stock of the company, which made the investment more profitable than it initially seemed.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a great book for young people interested in investing in real estate. The book covers the first six lessons of the book. Robert Kiyosaki’s father was a government employee, and his biological father was a low-income man. His father taught him that money must be earned by hard work. Kiyosaki’s poor father was not an excellent role model for his son’s financial future, but he made him realize that hard work pays off.

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