Rich Dad Poor Mom – Lessons From Rich Dad Poor Dad

The book Rich Dad Poor Mom has taught me a few valuable lessons. One lesson is to not be afraid to take risks. Robert Kiyosaki said, “You need to pay yourself first before you can pay others.” The best way to do this is to avoid the trap of cynicism and work for learning rather than money. Finally, pay yourself first and you’ll be better off for it. What’s more, the book is an excellent way to build a solid foundation for your future.

Rich Dad taught Robert Kiyosaki to take risks

As a child, Robert Kiyosaki learned about taxes, and his father emphasized that he should not specialize. Instead, he should work in various fields and attend meetings, as he wanted to learn everything he could about building an empire. In contrast, many rich people never let the government tax them, but they are willing to take risks to achieve their dreams. As a result, Robert Kiyosaki has learned to take risks and is a highly sought after speaker and author.

Growing up, Robert Kiyosaki had two “dads,” one of whom was a banker and a “poor” one. The latter was the biological father, who encouraged his son to earn a respectable degree and work his way up the corporate ladder. While his father was supportive and encouraged his son to take risks, he was also content with a job that offered him security.

Working to learn is more important than earning money

Many people think that working just to earn money is the best way to get ahead. In fact, nearly half of the total income of all employees is used to pay government employees. Yet, all of us essentially let the government take half of our income. Those who work only for money are missing out on an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve themselves. By changing the way you approach your work, you can change the outcome of your career.

Avoiding cynicism

When you’re reading books like Rich Dad, Poor, or The Secret, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Almost everyone has questions and skepticism about their own capabilities, and it’s important to avoid getting caught in the ‘what if’ trap. Cynicism from others may even make you miss out on important opportunities. However, don’t get discouraged – there are many other ways to succeed and make a fortune.

When reading this book, it’s important to remember that Robert Kiyosaki’s real father was a poor man. He was an eighth grade dropout and had a similar work ethic to Kiyosaki. Both men taught their children about money and how it works, and Kiyosaki followed their example and became a millionaire. Fortunately, Kiyosaki was not raised by an ingenious biological father.

Paying yourself first

Many financial problems arise from the tendency to keep up with the Joneses. Instead of chasing the latest and greatest, you should focus on investing in income-generating assets. The concept of paying yourself first has been around for years. It simply means allocating money to your assets column before your bills and expenses each month. You’ll be glad you did once you start paying yourself first. Read the following article to learn more about the concept.

When you make good choices with money and time, your destiny will follow. Your decisions today will determine the future of your family. Paying yourself first is one of the richest lessons in Rich Dad Poor Dad. If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider a few simple ideas from the book. Whether you want to start a business or work as a freelance writer, you’ll be able to achieve your financial goals.